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Trampoline is becoming a common outdoor game these days for kids. It is easy to install. It is suitable for different age groups, especially for children and teens. There is a list of different types of trampolines available on Amazon. They come in different sizes. Following are details of the best trampolines in Canada that will help you to decide which one is suitable for you.

Skywalker 12ft Trampoline

Skywalker 12ft trampoline is considered one of the best trampoline Canada. It is about 12ft long and its enclosure height is 72 inches. It can bear weight up to 133lbs. It is a huge trampoline that can easily accommodate 2 to 3 children at once. It comes with a manual guide. It can be installed with help of 2 to 3 people easily. Assembling is a little bit tricky and time-taking. It is very cost-effective. It is quite safe for children. There are some cons regarding this trampoline that it is suitable for indoor use only. It is available only in one color. Moreover, it is not suitable for adults.

Giantex 8ft Trampoline

Giantex 8ft Trampoline is 8ft high. It is suitable for 2 to 4 years old. Its enclosing height is 60 feet. It can bear weight up to 200lbs. it is made up of galvanized rust-resistant steel. It is padded with reliable, flexible, and sturdy material to prevent any injury. It can accommodate up to 3 children at a time. Jumping will not affect its service time. It can be easily installed by a single person. It may take up to an hour in assembling. Its quality justifies its price. The only cons of this trampoline are that assemblage of the net can be tricky. Moreover, the frame is not puncture-proof.

SereneLife 10FT Trampoline

SereneLife Trampoline is 10ft high. It is suitable for children of 6 years and above. Its weight-bearing capacity is 264 lbs. its enclosure height is 72 inches. It has four L-shaped legs that can easily balance weight. It can be assembled with help of 2 people within 2 hours. It is resistant to weather conditions and water. It meets the standards of the American safety test. But if one person tries to assemble it, it might be tricky. It isn’t puncture-proof and adults are strictly prohibited.

Merax 14ft Trampoline

Merax 14ft Trampoline is suitable for above 6 years. Its weight-bearing capacity is 425 lbs. the enclosure height is 98 inches. It has the strength to accommodate 5 children at a time. It is spacious and budget-friendly. Not only the alloy steel but also the springs are galvanized. It has 5 years warranty. Assemblage may take up to 2 hours with help of 2 people. Its springs are also padded completely to prevent the minor risk of injury. The best part is that it has a basketball hoop which is great fun for children. The only thing which makes the assemblage difficult that it is quite heavy and can only be installed by professionals. It comes only in green color.

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