Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization

When people look for information online, they expect to receive relevant recommendations from Google. The sites appearing on the first page are probably the closest options. Therefore, it’s understandable if users feel frustrated when the landing pages don’t match what they’re searching for. Websites need to have the landing pages optimized. From the appearance to content, they need to match what users are hoping for. The good thing is that a reputable Philadelphia web design agency can provide help in this regard. 

These are some of the highly recommended practices for landing page optimization. 

Make sure the message matches the ads

The priority is making the landing pages suitable for the ads. Otherwise, it will be frustrating. People need to find websites that suit their expectations, or they will leave. For instance, if they’re looking for nursing homes, they should receive landing pages providing the best nursing home options. If they receive information about health insurance for seniors, or retirement funds, they will close the website. In a way, it feels like false advertising, and it’s going to entice anyone.

Present relevant information right away

One of the oldest journalistic practices is to present the most relevant details in the first paragraph of a news story- the lead. It’s the same thing with landing pages. Relevant information should be available as soon as the user opens the link. Not everyone has enough time to go through the entire page and read every detail. There should also be a call to action on the first half of the landing page. However, the problem is when everything looks crammed. Even if the goal is to present information immediately, the content should have a natural flow.

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Use directional cues

The website should be exciting and easy to understand. Users also need a guide to finding what they’re looking for. Therefore, it makes sense to use pointers and arrows to direct them to the call to action button. Using color contrast is also essential. It helps make the button more visible, and the website looks more aesthetically pleasing. For people who have visual impairments, using correct color contrast will make it easier for them to see the content. The use of enticing images and animations are also helpful. The goal is to give the users a reason to stay and navigate the website.

Show the products used in real-life

One of the downsides of online shopping is that people don’t see the products before buying them. It’s not the same with the experience in buying from a retail store. Therefore, it helps to show how the products are used in real-life. Images and gifs can help. Articles presenting the step-by-step process might also be useful. However, explainer videos are among the most popular options these days. They show real people using the products and explaining how to use them. When people feel convinced that the products are suitable for them after watching the explainer videos, they might decide to buy.

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Remove distractions

Every landing page should have a goal- asking the user to hit the call to action button. Therefore, any distraction shouldn’t be a part of the landing page. Unnecessary links or links back to the homepage can be confusing. Animations and pictures that don’t have any significant value should also be out of the page. The landing page will achieve its goal if everything looks clear and easy to understand.

Use testimonials 

Most websites have a separate tab for testimonials and reviews. However, an emerging strategy is to place short testimonials on every landing page. It’s crucial because they provide proof about the information presented. They confirm what the user reads throughout the page.

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Improve the ad copy

Apart from the landing pages, the ad copy should also get improved. Everything needs to be direct to the point. The headlines should be unique and compelling. Otherwise, no one will click on them. Even if the landing pages are relevant and useful, no one can see them. The trick is to let someone read the ad copy before publishing it. It’s even better if it’s someone unfamiliar with the business. If the information is clear enough, it will be understandable to other users.

Improve the loading speed

Like any other aspect of web design, the focus must be on loading speed. Landing pages should immediately open once the users click on the link. Again, not everyone has enough time to go through all the details. If they have to wait further to see the landing page loading correctly, it’s a big problem. It’s the same principle for mobile devices. The website should be mobile-friendly, so it’s easier to open the landing page. It goes back to the idea of removing unnecessary elements to speed loading up. 

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Test everything first

After updating the landing pages, the next step is to test. There should be different options for testing to determine which of them would be perfect for the marketing efforts. After going live with the digital marketing campaign, the next step is to track the progress. It’s crucial to know if the advertisement is good enough. The landing pages might also require changes depending on the user feedback. Understanding what they want will help the business do a better job. If there are recurring issues and complaints, it’s essential to address them.

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Work with web design experts

Optimizing landing pages seems easy, but it’s not. There are many rules to consider, and it’s not always about the visual appeal of the page. The good thing is that there are Philadelphia web design experts who know every element of web design. They also worked with other businesses in the past to create quality websites.

Outsourcing web design services will help the business succeed. Since the landing pages present the call to action button, they’re useful in increasing conversion rates. They’re in the most crucial aspect of online marketing, reputation management software, and the business needs to invest in improving the conversion rate. Start by asking Philadelphia web design experts about the details of the services offered and see if they are the best partner in this endeavor.

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