Best Forex Brokers With Financial Affiliate Programms 

Nowadays many brokers offer their clients many opportunities to earn via affiliate programs. It means you can greatly benefit from recommending those brokers to your friends and other people via social media or any other means. In this article, we’re going to explain how it works and help you choose a reliable broker to start with.

How affiliate marketing works

Most affiliate marketing programs follow the same simple scheme: you work for some brand to try and promote its products or services. Every finished purchase results in a small bonus for you. Sometimes the size of that bonus depends on the size of that purchase, and some brands prefer to pay for every attracted customer. Of course, such schemes work on the Forex market, too: brokers are eager to pay for every new client, and if you can successfully convince many people to join, you can earn a lot.

Forex trading is a great area for affiliate marketing for several reasons. First of all, you can make it an entirely passive income option: if you have a website or just an influential social media account, there are literally thousands of people you can reach every day. Just tell your subscribers about that broker you like, share a link, and wait for them to sign up. Another great thing is that most brokers don’t have some kind of cap for your earnings: if you can attract 500 people at $100 each, $50,000 it will be.

However, you should definitely keep an eye on who you’re working for. Some companies are outright suspicious, and others might have some hidden conditions that may scare off the affiliates attracted by your efforts, resulting in just tiny profits for you. Make sure to learn about brokers as much as you can. A great place to start is our small list of trusted financial affiliate programms. Check them out.

eToro Partners

One of the most well-known brokers out there, eToro also has one of the best affiliate programs. Just sign up and start spreading referral links among your friends, relatives, and subscribers. It can bring you as much as $250 per new client.

Traders Union Affiliate Program

Probably the most popular program on the market, this marketing scheme has two tiers. You can earn 10% from first-tier clients and 5% from second-tier ones. You get money after their successful trades.

In The Money Stocks Affiliate Program

This is one of the oldest and most profitable programs you can find. Just promote their courses, and it can bring you 30% per sale and additional bonuses.

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