Benefits of PDF format

When Adobe developed PDF format back in 1999s, sharing the electronic documents between different operating systems was not an easy task. So the basic idea behind the development of PDF was to create a kind of an easy format which should keep the formatting of the document perfectly intact. As it made its way forward, it became a universally-used format all across the world.

Today, organizations widely use this format because of many benefits and it taken an important place in the business world. Few exceptional benefits of using PDFs are listed here:

1. Versatile.

PDF formats are so good for exchanging your documents between different computers. Therefore it is widely-used format not by individuals but all professionals everywhere. You can easily share and view your documents with someone who is located in far off country.

2. PDF are small-sized files

When we compare the file sizes of different formats, PDFs are pretty small size. PDF format has the ability to compress the high quality file to a small-sized file. It works exceptionally good because it takes less space so saves your hard drive.

3. File format remains intact

One problem that we often face while working on MS Word or on any other word processor is that when you try to share a document from your computer to another, you observe a change in its formatting. And if you have to submit any formal assignment or contract, you might feel bad and embarrassed in front of your colleagues, boss, teacher or a client. You can stay away from such worries if you use PDF format for exchanging your document from one computer to another. But in presence of PDF, You need not to be worried about any formatting worries. It enables you to keep your file format exactly the same what you have produced. Likewise, it is an ideal format for sending documents for print outs.

4. It easily integrates images and other non-text elements

This super format enables you to maintain the layouts containing the text as well as non-text elements equally well. While working with this format, you can maintain the precision of visually-satisfying layouts and can utilize links that can be opened in the browser’s website while viewing your document on his mobile phone or PC.

5. Your document stays well-protected

Big organizations have to deal and maintain very sensitive data of their clients while keeping it safe and well-protected. When organizations use this PDF format, it allows them to protect their sensitive  information by setting a password.

6. PDFs work on all types of operating systems

The operating systems which are currently in use like PC or MAC, Android or IOS operating system, PDF can work on all operating systems. It offers no hassle in viewing your document on any operating system whether it is a computer, tablet or a mobile phone.

7. It can’t go out of trend!

Advancing technology quickly overtakes the old tools but PDF is destined to stay for a long time. This widely-spread format has so much to offer to everyone and have a fabulous history that it would be a  big challenge to anyone to shift on adopting some new standard of file exchange. Till now it is safe to say that it is going to stay for a long run and will keep adding value to personal and professional lives.

8. Signature

PDF also allows you to add signature on your documents. So you can create signature for documents

without any worry.

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