Ben Gorham – Translation of Emotions Into Fragrance

Born and raised in New York City, Ben Gorham became fascinated by scent and was passionately stirred by incense and spices. After graduating from art school, he met perfumer Pierre Wulff and decided to pursue perfumery full time. He has since created several iconic fragrances and has collaborated with various artists, including artist David Hockney. In addition to creating high-end fragrances, he also creates bespoke fragrances.

Inspired by the beauty industry:

Ben founded his own brand in 2006. He was a pro basketball player who turned to study at an art school. He had little experience with the luxury fragrance industry. Fortunately, he enlisted the help of a renowned perfumer, Jerome Epinette. The two worked together to create a signature Byredo fragrance. The fragrance is named after his wife, who was an Indian immigrant.

As a devoted fan of fashion:

Gorham is now expanding his horizons with a range of men’s and women’s accessories. ByProduct includes clothing, eyewear, wallets, jeans, eyewear, and home goods. ByProduct fragrances are inspired by his passion for collaborating with fashion brands and designers. A partnership with Ikea has resulted in affordable candles that are designed to fit into any budget. In 2018, he teamed up with Peak Performance to design an adventure-themed table. The Stockholm (Surfboard Club) Surfboard Club-inspired collection of surf-inspired apparel. Courtney MC’s artwork is printed onto lambskin, stitched, and stamped into sneakers.

Despite launching his fragrance line by himself, Ben Gorham was an unlikely candidate to launch a luxury fragrance line. While he lacked experience in the luxury perfume industry, he partnered with renowned perfumer Jerome Epinette to make his vision come true. Although Gorham has a background in the fashion industry, his background in design gave him a unique perspective on creating products for men.

Personal and nostalgic:

Byredo’s fragrances are deeply personal and nostalgic. Using leftover Italian denim, the brand’s denim jeans are hand-printed with a screen-printed logo. But it’s not just the clothes that inspire Gorham. The brand is making waves in other categories as well. It’s not only in perfume. In fact, it’s making a splash in other fashion categories as well.

Byredo is a Swedish perfume company founded by a tattoo-covered man with a unique perspective on fragrance. The brand’s name derives from the old English word redolence, which means “sweet-smelling.” A great fragrance is an experience that will make you feel like yourself again. A well-scented perfume will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. This powerful product will be worn by those who wear it.

Byredo perfumes are deeply personal. The underlying scents conjure memories of distant family members or of a Mumbai suburb. Byredo is unlike other fragrance brands that are rooted in tradition and are not particularly innovative. Instead, it’s about a person’s interests and experiences. Byredo’s founder, Ben Gorham, had no prior experience with the luxury fragrance industry but he had the help of respected perfumer Jerome Epinette.

Byredo perfume:

The Byredo perfume brand was launched 15 years ago by Ben Gorham. The former pro basketball player turned art school student had no previous experience in the luxury fragrance business. He enlisted the services of an experienced perfumer, Jerome Epinette, to craft the vision. The Byredo perfumes were inspired by the experiences of his parents and friends. The brand name was born out of the desire to express a sense of nostalgia.

Final remarks:

Aside from creating high-quality fragrances, Ben Gorham also designs products that translate memories and abstract ideas into perfumes. For instance, Byredo’s Mixed Emotions is an expression of our collective state of mind, with notes of mate, black tea, and cassis. In addition, Byredo commissioned renowned photographer Fenn O’Meally to capture the essence of the brand.

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