Ban on credit card: How it can influence slots players

Throughout the long and winding history of gambling players have always been looking for ways to increase their bankroll, whether that be through the taking of loans to play cards in the taverns of Ancient Rome, or using credit cards in the modern era to make sure that their gambling sessions could go on much further.

It is just something that is unavoidable in the context of gambling, however, modern players will be sad to realise that the use of credit cards is no longer permitted for a variety of gambling avenues.

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The most famous place in which gamblers are no longer allowed to use credit cards is in the realm of online slots like Enchanted Prince slot, and this fact has led to various changes in the way that slots players like to gamble. In reality this is nothing but a good thing, because banning credit cards has had a dramatic affect on stemming the very real problem of gambling addiction. In any case, read on to hear about how the ban on credit cards can influence slots players. 

When did the credit card get banned? 

You might have thought that the ban on credit cards within the online slots industry would have come along with legislation like The Gambling Act 2004, however the truth is that credit cards were only banned in April of 2020. This applies to the whole of the online casino industry, of course, however it is the online slots world that will feel the affects the most. 

There are various reasons why the credit card got banned in relation to online casino, however the biggest one is simply that using a credit card to gamble is something that facilitates addiction, and also encourages people to gamble outside of their means. 

The illusion of an infinite bankroll is no more 

One of the main reasons why gamblers loved to spin the reels of their favourite online slots using their credit cards is because it can give the illusion of an infinite bankroll. This is the same reason why people love going shopping with a credit card, because anything you buy on it isn’t liable to be paid back until the end of the month at least. 

Cutting credit cards from the online slots gambling world means that people will no longer possess what seems like an infinite bankroll, and this will in turn save a lot of people’s finances. 

Much more tactical betting required 

Online slot players who are no longer using their credit cards to gamble will need to have a much better grasp of tactical betting when playing slots, mainly because their immediately available bankroll will be massively reduced. This is where betting strategies can come in useful too, however we would definitely recommend against using the Martingale strategy here. 

In many ways, therefore, the ban on using credit cards whilst gambling on the online slots will actually make for much cleverer gamblers, and that is never a bad thing.

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