An unforeseen arrest has the power to leave one confused and scared about the next steps. Often, an ordinary citizen is unaware of the various options and rights available to them to ease the burden of allegations before their day in court. By obtaining speedy bail, one can take the first step to prove his innocence.

Police and Court Bail: Initially, two types of bails are applicable for an arrestee. These may or may not include heavy financial conditions but require legal agreements to be signed.

  • Police bail: If you are arrested without a court warrant, the police can hold you in custody for up to 24 hours, after which you have the right to ask for an appearance in court. Except for a few serious crimes, one can obtain police bail to avoid custody.
  • Court bail: If you have been previously arrested or convicted, you are ineligible for police bail and must seek one from the court. The court sets a bail amount from a predetermined bail schedule, depending on the severity of the alleged offense. These schedules vary across different counties of California. If you do not have the financial means necessary to afford the bail amount, may contact a reputed and reliable bail bond company in Sacramento.

Bail Bonds: These bond businesses have been functional for decades. They can provide intimate expert guidance on filing the bail application with a 100% success rate.

  • There are absolutely no hidden costs or investments, and only 10% of the bail amount has to be paid as fees. The rest of the bail amount is covered by the bondsman, which guarantees your release from detention.
  • The agreements you sign when you are granted bail require you to appear for all court-stipulated proceedings. Apart from this, a few other constraints are placed depending on individual circumstances, such as one must surrender passport, and official travel documents in case of ‘flight risk’. One is restricted to contacting any witness, victim, or co-arrestee and tamper with evidence in any shape or form.

Electronic Monitoring During Bail: You are eligible for “EM bail” if the stipulated trial date is at least two weeks away. It is essentially being released on electronic supervision using an ankle bracelet.

  • The bailee is required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet and stay within their housing premises. Except for medical emergencies or to report to law enforcement, any travel is prohibited.
  • If one fails to appear in court as per the time stated in the bail notice, one commits the offense of ‘failing to answer bail.’
  • As per the Bail Act, you run the risk of jail time up to one year or a fine of $2000 if convicted. As per requirement, the court issues an arrest warrant for you. If other bail conditions are violated – such as alcohol use or maintaining curfew – it may serve as grounds for denial of future bail applications.

Failing to obtain bail in time can hinder justice. Furthermore, it can create embarrassment and stigma for you and your family if you are in custody for too long. Contact an experienced bondsman without second thoughts.

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