Author Solutions Shares Tips on Getting Noticed as an Author on Amazon

Once you’ve self-published your first book, you’ll want the world to know about it, and naturally, you’ll also want readers to purchase it. One of the best platforms for selling and distributing your book is Amazon, an international marketplace that has become a premium destination for online books. In order to get noticed on Amazon, you’ll need to create an Amazon Author page or profile, an essential tool for self-published writers who want to get their name and work out into the world.

An Amazon author page is a great way to reach potential readers and create opportunities for your target audience to connect with you as a person. A great author page helps your fans get to know you and your work, keep track of your latest publications and events, and recommend you to other readers. Below are some tips on how to design an attractive and effective Amazon author page that will help promote your work to your potential readers.

The first step in creating an Amazing author page is to sign up at the Amazon Author Central Home Page. Your Amazon author account functions much like other social media accounts, and you should definitely link your author page to all of your other social media accounts.

Ideally, a great author page should contain the following:

  • Photos – Start with a professional headshot. This can be the same headshot that you use in the Author Bio section on the back cover of your book. The headshot gives your readers a chance to identify you as a person and is a great starting point for them to get to know you.
  • Bio – Provide a brief personal bio that will help readers get a sense of you as a person and connect with you on shared interests. This can include information about your background, your relationship to the topics covered in your book(s), or simply about your passion for writing. Be sure to mention any awards or prizes that you may have won, as well as any publications in magazines, journals, or anthologies.
  • Books – Be sure to mention and upload all of your past published books with links to purchase them on Amazon. Make sure to include books in print as well as Kindle books. If you used the same publisher for print and Kindle books, your Kindle books will automatically link to your uploaded books. If not, be sure to provide links to those.
  • Events – Your Amazon author page provides a great opportunity for you to promote upcoming events to your readers and potential readers, such as book-signing events, readings, and upcoming talks and interviews. Be sure to keep the events section updated by eliminating past events and posting upcoming events regularly.
  • Blogs – It’s an excellent idea for authors to publish a blog that helps readers stay engaged with you and your work regularly, and your author page should link directly to your blog so that readers can access it easily. Be sure to also link your RSS feeds to all of your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, to connect to your readers and potential readers on social media.
  • Videos – Video content can make your Author page come alive. The Amazon author page platform lets you upload one video at a time. This is a great opportunity to share book trailers, readings, talks and interviews, and videos of book-signing events.

Once your Author page has been created, Amazon will automatically include a link from all of your book pages to your Author page.  At the bottom of your Author Central Home page, you will find links to the Look Inside™ program, where you can become an Amazon Associate and earn passive income on the sales of products purchased on Amazon through links on your Author Central Home page.

Your Amazon author page is a great tool to help you keep your readers informed about you, your current projects and events, and anything else you want them to know about you and your books.  Your Amazon author page helps you to become more visible online and has been shown to result in increased sales.  Once you’re done with the work of self-publishing, take advantage of this simple tool to self-market your book as well!

About Author Solutions

Author Solutions is a leader in the self-publishing industry with more than 22 years of collective experience and over 300,000 published books. The parent company serves six continents around the world, helping writers realize their dreams of becoming authors, and provides a team of world-class publishing experts that offers support from start to finish.

Author Solutions has numerous imprints worldwide that provide new authors with the opportunity to be discovered by both traditional publishing companies as well as entertainment industry representatives. The brand’s ongoing professional support and powerful industry relations has helped many writers make the leap from self-publishing to traditional publishing and film and television optioning.

To learn more about Author Solutions, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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