All About AC Servicing And AC Gas Filling

The air conditioner produces a pleasing ambiance at home by amendable temperatures for hassle-free living. That’s the reason why ACs are becoming so popular everywhere. From reducing the temperature in the summertime to increasing the interior temperature during wintertime, an air conditioner has become a very basic necessity for many.

However, purchasing an air conditioner is one thing, and maintaining it to work optimally is another thing. The filters, coils, and even the gas filling of an air conditioner need a regular check-up for proper functioning. Neglecting this would lead to slow effectiveness and high electricity consumption. On the other hand, if the air conditioner doesn’t work accurately, energy costs will increase very precipitously.

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AC gas filling and regular maintenance are important for your AC to work optimally. Your AC unit needs gas for the transmission of heat from inside the room to the outside environment. The refrigerant uses low-pressure gas, which changes into liquid and again transforms to gas during a continuous cyclic manner. The Refrigerant gas is located in copper coils. Refrigerant and the coils absorb the heat existing in the air. During this process, refrigerant gas becomes a liquid to help in the transmission and exchange of heat.

If you notice that your Air Conditioner is working properly but is not cooling your room or is emitting hot air from the vents, or you see ice formation on either the evaporator coil or condenser coil, then remember it’s the time to refill your AC gas. The main reason for the need to refill the gas is due to any leakage in the refrigerant pipeline. People have a popular misconception that the refrigerant reduces over time like fuel in any appliance, which is an incorrect conception.

Before Gas Filling, Execute Basic Maintenance

  • Clean Air Conditioner Coils

The AC evaporator and condenser coil help the refrigerant inside the machine soak the heat and cool the room. Unfortunately, these coils tend to become insulated with dirt and dust particles by regular usage, thus reducing the coil’s capability to absorb heat. Therefore, to eschew any further problem, ensure regular servicing of your Air conditioning coils.

  • Inspect the Condensate Drain

Also, the condensate drain is a prime part of any AC as it pumps out the condensation within the machine to drain outside. However, the condensate drain gets clogged and stops the drainage over time. If you see that the water is not removed properly, try to unclog the condensate drain.

Regular servicing of AC not just helps in increasing AC lifespan but also saves a lot of energy. In addition, AC gas filling charges are very nominal, so if you notice that your room is not cooling properly or has any problem, call the AC Service stores helpline immediately.

What Should Be Done Before AC Gas Filling As A Precautionary Measure

If you begin the refilling without doing these processes, the system may get damaged.

  • Switch off the AC at the thermostat and detach the fuses and switch the breaker off. Next, plug in the gauges. Put the low-pressure side on the gauges and the high-pressure side on the system
  • Switch on the AC and wait until it becomes stabilized. Once the system is stabilized, take down the reading on the gauges. If the readings on the blue gauge are below the requirement, you need to reboot the system. Another way to determine the necessity of refilling your AC gas is by using sight glass on the unit

Gases Used In Air Conditioners

Earlier chlorofluorocarbons were used in ACs and Refrigerators, which played a major role in Ozone depletion. Nowadays, different refrigerants used in Air Conditioners are less harmful to the environment, unlike CFCs. All AC does not work with the same refrigerant. Some of them are:

R410A – Generally known as Puron (by its brand name). R410A is used in all the modern air conditioners nowadays. Unlike chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), it is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) and thus does not affect the ozone layer. As a result, R410A became the most commonly used gas for U.S. housing air conditioning systems back in 2015.

R22 – Usually known as Freon (by its brand name). It is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), thus causing ozone layer depletion. R22 was stopped being in use for housing air conditioners due to its toxic effects on the atmosphere.

For the proper functioning of your AC, it is essential to be maintained appropriately. Because the gas is low or the filters clogged, your AC will consume more energy for suitable cooling. During AC servicing, the skilled experts would fully clean the filters and coils and check the AC gas level. And would clean the AC thoroughly, also will fill the gas if required. As a result, the AC gas filling charges are very minimal. Regular servicing would eventually provide clean and cool air.

AC servicing covers both cleaning and complete check-up of your air conditioner. The technicians would check the gas pressure and whether the air conditioner is working properly or not. That is the reason why systematic servicing helps you know about your AC’s internal condition in advance.


Nevertheless, hiring a skilled technician like those from ac repair Las vegas  will guarantee an entire examination and proper cleaning of your air conditioner, improving it to function at supreme levels and fixing other underlying problems. In addition, it is a stress-free way to look after your appliance and the well-being of your family members.

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