Advantages of using device farms to test your mobile applications

What is a Mobile App Testing Service or Platform?

Suppose you’re working on a mobile app with a team of software developers remotely and performing quality analysis testing.  In that case, you’re probably experiencing a frequent problem – how to offer the team access to genuine mobile devices. You may have a variety of gadgets strewn about in the office or distributed among your team members, but getting them into the hands of necessary users is difficult.

You could pay for a mobile app testing service or platform or a rented device farm, but if you already have all of the necessary devices, this would be the same as buying them twice – not a fair deal.

AstroFarm allows your testers and developers to connect to your company’s devices remotely from anywhere and at any time. Build a device farm from the already owned devices to take your DevOps to the next level. Get started with mobile app testing services from AstroFarm and test the Android app on real devices by logging on to

Features to Look for in Mobile App Testing Tools

  • Enrollment of Devices in a short time: In seconds, connect many devices to a particular hub.
  • Automated testing: Run tests that are automated on the devices remotely.
  • Instant inventory analysis: With a rapid inventory review, you can audit every device at a glance.
  • Cloud support and hosting: Dedicated and secure cloud hosting will help and support your farm.
  • Debugging at the source level remotely: Make single-step code analysis easier.
  • Browser-based access: It is simple to use on any device.
  • Support for connecting multiple devices through laptop: The very useful AstroFarm is now available for the laptop’s USB for Android smartphones, with iPadOS/ iOS support coming soon.

The versatile purposes of AstroFarm

  1. Maximize the value of devices you’ve previously bought: You won’t need to buy the identical device model for each site if you make any gadget available to any employee worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Create a scalable cloud infrastructure that you can evolve: Your AstroFarm is accessible from anywhere, at any time, thanks to cloud hosting. The AstroFarm is easily scalable because any employee can add equipment to it.
  3. A Reliable and Trusted Industry Name: Millions of businesses use device management software from 42Gears throughout the world.
  4. Provide employees complete device access, even if they are working from home: AstroFarm is constructed entirely online, with no requirement for in-person interaction. A device becomes open to everyone else as soon as one user stops using it.
  5. Easily control who has access to what and when: Define access privileges using user management tools and contributors.


With AstroFarm, you can bring any company’s devices together and give team members remote access to them for cloud-based testing and app development. Increase team productivity by avoiding the purchase of additional devices. When you join AstroFarm, you’ll have access to a specific web portal that acts as your AstroFarm specific hub. Through a simple enrollment process, your co-workers and you can add any device to the particular hub remotely.

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All of the devices that have been enrolled are available immediately for remote use. You may scale your company’s device farm to the size you require with AstroFarm’s Mobile app testing services. You’ll have to incur a per-device cost, but there’s no limit to how many devices you may enrol. Visit 42gears for more information on how to test Android apps on real devices.

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