Advantages of buying Huawei band 6

In this Huawei shrewd band web content, we will discuss band 6. The entire age discharges the Huawei band 6 rather than the Huawei mate 5. Presently I don’t have the foggiest idea why they did this however as long as they discharge new brilliant watches it’s entirely fine to me so the Huawei band 6 components all the spo2 observing which is not a lot of watches have nowadays.


It has a solid battery life 96 distinct little modes to look over the entire day pulse checking and significantly more however first how about we examine what we get in the case we get the watch some guarantee data’s and a manual just as the attractive charging link. The link adheres tight to the watch and doesn’t fall off that effectively since some of the time it’s quite irritating when you need to charge your watch and you leave it there only for an hour and when you return it wasn’t charging at all and afterward you need to stroll around the entire day with a half-dead savvy on your wrist yet not with this one the band 6 additionally has a fast-charging highlight which implies it just requires 5 minutes for an entire 2 days of battery life.

Water Resistance

You have one actual catch on the watch to turn the screen on or to get to the menu and back it is water safe up to 5 ATMs so you can swim in the pool with it yet don’t go swimming plunging or any high-speed water exercises.

Weight and Bluetooth

To this extent, this watch tips the scales at 18 grams without the lash has Bluetooth 5.0, and is viable with ios 9.1 or more and android 6.0.

How about we, at last, get a few features

  1. The primary thing on my rundown will be the Audi spo2 checking which is the principal selling point of this watch close to the cost. You need to adhere to the default or the manual spo2 estimations which is a bummer. I trust that it will resemble the pulse tracker which simply works the entire day inactively behind the scenes and you don’t need to do a thing.
  2. The Huawei band 6 gives you 96 distinctive game modes which is a considerable amount however there’s one drawback to which we will get in a moment no doubt about it strolling, running, cycling just as some swimming modes hit training boxing, or swimming.
  3. On the off chance that the wellbeing application is running behind the scenes which are very helpful after the exercise the Huawei band 6 gives you a somewhat nitty gritty investigation and to the extent previous testing the watch is exact in the following space you can generally take a gander at your past exercises on the actual band. Assuming you need to get to the disadvantage in each game mode that you add to the rundown.
  4. We have the 4.0 genuine scene pulse tracker and a 2.0 genuine rest tracker as I previously referenced the pulse tracker is in reality very great even though it’s simply a 60 euro band it was in every case only a couple of beats off when you will contrast it with h10 chest cushion.
  5. We have the rest tracker which possibly tracks the rudiments on the actual watch like when you hit the hay and woke up and the rest span though in the application you will see a ton. We have the profound rest and light rest just as the smash in the stand-by time and given that the application will give you a rest score you will likewise get a little investigation of your rest.

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