A carefully crafted wish journey by Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish customizes each wish journey to the unique personality of a child living with a critical illness. Each wish is unique, which is part of the magic of Make-A-Wish.

Make-A-Wish does the utmost to make each wish journey a great success. Volunteers, local organizations and donors are all part of the wish journey. Read more about how you can help Make-A-Wish grant wishes.

The magic of a wish journey

A wish journey starts at the application. Grandpa’s, teachers, neighbors, doctors, you name it. Everyone can refer a child to Make-A-Wish. An eligible child is living with a life-threatening illness and is between the ages of 3 and 18. When a child is approved, Make-A-Wish sends some material for inspiration to the child.

During the wish journey, a critically ill child and their loved ones can look forward to the wish day. This prolongs the positive effect a wish has on the lives of them and their families. This period of positivity and strength can help them believe in themselves and look forward to a better future.

The child is visited by two volunteers of Make-A-Wish, to discuss the details of the wish journey. During this intake interview, every interesting subject is discussed. From a child’s favorite color, to their favorite drink to their favorite superhero. The volunteers dig deep to really understand the wish of a child.

A wish granter’s job

After the intake interview the wish-granter uses their notes to put together the wish journey. The day of the wish is prepared from start to finish. The only limit to the wish is the imagination of the child.

For wish journey’s there are often doors opened that usually would be closed. Want to rent out a theme park? Done. A child also receives gifts and assignments related to their wish. On the wish day itself, the whole family is treated like real VIP’s. The volunteers stay in the background on the day itself, but are always around to lend a helping hand.

The volunteers are there to take pictures during the day and create a photobook. This will be sent to the parents afterwards.

Help Make-A-Wish make a difference

A wish journey comes to life because of the hard work of thousands of volunteers, local sponsors, donors and corporate partners. The wish impact makes a big difference for a child and their family.  Do you want to help grant wishes for critically ill children and give them hope? Donate now.

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