7 Ways To Dress A Feature Wall

Building a feature wall in your home takes time and patience as you find the right gallery wall set to fit your room as well as compliment your decor. It’s important to find matching pieces that fit the style of your home, whether it be abstract, black and white or bright and bold.

There are seven tips and tricks for you to follow to dress your feature wall so stylishly, you’ll have everyone thinking it has been professionally designed. 

Deep and dark

To create depth in your home, just add some gallery wall art that explores deep and dark colours that give a secure and moody atmosphere in your home – as well as drawing attention to the feature wall in all the right ways. Use dark blues to create a calming energy in your home or deep purples and reds to make a sultry or even romantic atmosphere. You might even find a gallery wall set with a mix of all three for the perfect combination. 

Black and white

For a neutral but sophisticated look choose a black and white theme for your gallery wall. The beauty of this style is that you can choose realistic photographic artwork, abstract and everything in between (depending on your personal preference). The other great thing about black and white gallery art is that it is timeless and will always appear fashionable and chic season after season. You will be able to find black and white artwork suitable for all tastes, whether it’s a modern cityscape or a nostaglic design. 

Once black and white artwork is hung you will never have to change it or take it down because it has gone out of style, it’s a worthwhile investment that will impress your guests for years to come – whichever room it is placed in. 

Mixed artwork

For an eclectic vibe in your home mix different types of art together including photographs, paintings, prints or even souvenirs and hang them together to create your gallery wall. This is a great way to personalise your home and create an original design that no one else can copy. If cost is a factor in your choice of artwork, this can be a goodway to reduce spending as you can use items that you already have in your home. 

You could utilise all sorts of objects, including fans, postcards and home accessories to make your house feel like a home. 

Use mirrors to reflect light 

Adding mirrors to your gallery wall set is a great way to bounce light around the room and help small spaces feel more expansive. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so they can fit in any size space. Plus, you can choose a frame for it or even make your own. Small mirrors to fit in with a gallery wall will be easy to find, even circular ones would add some dimension to your gallery wall and create an eye catching, unique design. 

You can combine this well with other styles, too. For instance, if you have chosen a black and white theme them choosing a black framed mirror would be a great addition to your wall. For a mixed artwork wall, any type of mirror may do!

Create layering using shelves

To layer the wall art on top of one another simply install picture shelves at varying heights and choose similar pieces that compliment each other to go on the same shelf next to each other. You could even refer to the colour wheel to see which tones and hues will match perfectly, such as navy and orange or pink and green. 

Get creative with lighting

Adding lights to your gallery wall will create a beautiful dimension to your artwork, as well as providing some gentle ambient lighting for when you’re ready to wind down. This is the perfect way to attract attention to your gallery wall while making yourself and your guests feel comfortable and at home.

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The types of lights you use are up to you, whether it be fairy lights or professionally installed lights shining down on your artwork, these are an artistic addition and can give your home a polished, expensive feel. 

Keep it simple

The most important thing is to not overload your wall with too much artwork and to leave an even amount of space between each piece to allow space for the art to breathe. Placing the wall art too close together will take attention away from each individual piece and reduce the impact that it has. 

For an effortless, chic style, your artwork should be neutral and simplistic, but if you want to go for a maximalist style then feel free to mix colours, patterns and styles altogether. Whichever style you choose, leaving some white space between the frames is essential to achieve a clean and intentional look. 

Staring at a blank wall wondering what to do? Hopefully some of the tips provided will inspire you to take action in creating a gallery wall that reflects your and your home’s styl

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