7 online piano lessons apps to master the piano in 2021

Gone are the days when you needed a Piano instructor or teacher to learn piano. With the advancement in technology, one can learn Piano properly only with a phone or tablet.

There are many different types of applications available with which you can learn to play the piano.

The top 7 piano lessons apps are listed below:

  1. Skoove
  2. Simply piano
  3. Yousician
  4. Playground sessions
  5. Hoffman academy
  6. Piano academy
  7. Online pianist 

Let’s see some brief details about these applications.


Skoove is a very popular online piano learning application. It can be used on your phone or tablet (iOS only,) or you can connect it to your PC or laptop with a microphone or MIDI cable. The best part is that the notes you play are shown on an animated Keyboard. Visual learners are very much benefit from this feature. Another amazing feature is that it listens and gives feedback on what you’ve played. Skoove also has free lessons available and a free trial for one week with CC. The subscription prices range from the lowest $89.99/year or $7.49/month to the highest $19.99/month.

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Simply piano

Simply Piano is one of the most famous Piano learning applications. It can be used on both iOS and Android devices. To use this, you can connect the microphone with your device or use a MIDI cable. Simply Piano has three levels of learning, and the levels are very creative i.e.


“took some lessons as a kid.”

“know how to play but want to get better.”

You can customize your classes and content based on these levels. Free lessons are also available in simply piano, including a free trial of one week with CC. The song selection in simply Piano is a blend of modern and classic music. The subscription cost ranges from the Lowest plan: $119.99/year or $9.99/month to the Highest plan: $59.99/3 months or $19.99/month.


Youcian is a popular piano learning application available for android as well as iOS devices. yousician also have levels of learning, and you can choose your level according to your requirements. Yousician has a special feature called workouts. With the help of this feature, you can focus on particular skills in which you are lacking and require more practice. Free lessons are also available in Yousician. It offers a free trial for one week with CC. The subscription starts with the Lowest plan at $199.99/year or $16.99/month and the Highest plan at $39.99/month. The song selection contains a wide variety of genres, including classical and modern.

Playground sessions

Playground sessions is a piano learning application launched by the famous music producer Quincy Jones. Many renowned pianists feature the lessons from this academy. You can use it on a computer or an iPad. There are no Free lessons available, but it has a free trial for one month With CC.

The subscription prices range from the lowest plan of $59.88/year or $4.99/month to the Highest plan of $39.96/3 months or $9.99/month.

Hoffman academy

Hoffman academy teaches how to play songs on piano and teaches in-depth about the concepts and theories of music. Hoffman academy has many creative and indulging ways of teaching kids. The Hoffman Academy has video tutorials which Mr. Hoffman teaches. The Hoffman academy can be contacted through the computer only as there is no specific application, and lessons are mainly learned through video tutorials. But one can always contact the academy in case of any doubts or queries. The academy is very responsive towards this. There are Free lessons available, but there’s no Free trial. The subscription starts from the lowest plan of $179/year or $18/month.

Piano academy

The piano academy is one of the online piano learning applications which focuses more on the very basic knowledge and study of Piano. It’s mainly targeted at kids and works on the basics and foundation of the Piano. If the foundation is strong, one does not have difficulty learning new things.

It has free lessons available. It also has a free trial with a monthly subscription. The subscription prices range from the lowest plan of $27.99/month and The Highest plan of $10.99/week. The application is designed with keeping kids in mind as the main audience; hence it’s very engaging and informative for kids.

Online pianist

More than teaching about the techniques or theories of music, online pianists focus on teaching how to play different songs. You can use it on both Android And iOS devices. It’s available Free with ads. A free trial for one week with CC is also there. The song selection has almost every famous song, including cartoon songs to classics and modern songs. The subscription prices range from the lowest plan of $59.88/year or $4.99/month to the Highest plan of $39.96/3 months or $9.99/month.

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