7 apps that take the pantry to your home during quarantine

Every day new and ingenious alternatives appear to make life easier; there are various applications with which we can pay for services online, request a taxi to move, or buy what we need with a single click. Long before being in quarantine, we already had a wide variety of options that help us supply our pantry at home; and of course, right now, they become much more necessary to stay home as long as we can.

Seven applications to supply your grocery

Among the Apps of the leading supermarkets, the variety of products you get for your home are many, and you can, without any problem, fill your pantry and avoid leaving home. Nevertheless, at the moment, the vast majority of these chains are experiencing delays in their delivery times due to high demand, but they guarantee your delivery as soon as possible.

1. Walmart

Walmart’s eCommerce is one of the most used in the country, and in its shopping App, you can get the same variety of items and brands that you like so much in its physical store, with just one click.

This application is effortless to use and fast. In typical situations, their deliveries schedules on the day and time of your convenience. Still, due to the current high demand, they inform you that they present delays in deliveries, like many other similar services.

2. Superama

In the App of Superama, you can select what you need from the full range of products of this chain and directly because they are responsible for their shipping process representing cost savings of the same, without intermediaries.

Among its options to buy, you can get high-quality and fresh products, as well as pharmacy and bakery items for your home pantry. But their stock and delivery times are affected by current demand, and they have restrictions for sales of some items such as liquors in various locations.

3. The eating

Here we get food options, groceries, and, in general, products from the commercial supermarket that take them to the comfort and safety of your home.

In this App, you get fruits and vegetables, meats, prepared foods, pharmacy items, and others; of course, there may be delays in deliveries at the moment.

4. Cornershop

With the Cornershop shopping application, available for download on iOS and Android, you can buy different items from various supermarkets and other types of stores of your choice. A personal shopper will look for your order and take it to the delivery address you indicate.

5. Just

The first 100% online supermarket also has an App that you can download on any of your mobile devices.

In the Just App, you can get the home pantry items, hygiene and beauty, home, cleaning, drinks, organic products, pets, and even fresh products such as meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. In addition, the Just platform offers three shipping methods so that you can choose the cheapest or the fastest, but you must complete a minimum order of $500.

6. Amazon

The largest marketplace in the region is also a great option to acquire what we need from the supermarket through its App that has an excellent popularity for its facilities to buy.

7. Sam’s Club

At Sams Club, you have access to a wide variety of services and products such as electronics, computers, cell phones, homes, sports, and categories of greater interest in this case such as food and beverages, cleaning, beauty, babies, or pets. In addition, through its App, you can streamline your orders more easily by adding to the cart what you need from your pantry list and place your order when you are ready.

This chain makes shipments to any part of the country, but currently, for security reasons, they limited shipments to some areas in particular and have delays in delivery time.

One of the significant advantages of buying here is that they work under the discount club model, so they sell at a lower price for more products, which you can consider if your purchases are large.

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