7 Advanced Image Editor Features with Gravity Forms Smart Uploads?

Most websites can benefit from gravity forms from which you can build forms for visitors to fill in their required details or information. A contact form might be a good idea for each person who wants their site visitors to get in touch with them. This could be through a newsletter signup form or a survey to find out how people like the usability and user experience.

There are many free contact form plugins, but these often simplify and restrict their functionality. Meanwhile, premium plugins like Gravity Forms let you make huge changes to the forms and manage the data that comes in when people fill them out.

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a powerful contact form WordPress plugin that allows you to build forms to incorporate into your website. Using this plugin, the user can add contact forms, quizzes, and surveys to your website with a significant amount of ease. It’s popular for features such as conditional formatting, which shows or hides some questions based on the user’s answers to the previous questions. It sends form submissions to the email addresses that were chosen when the form was filled out.

Gravity forms is one of the most trusted contact form plugins that have been around the globe for a passage of time. It provides an intuitive way to leverage sales and generate enormous revenue via an efficient contact form that can help you add multiple add-ons to expand your contact details to the next level.

What is Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms?

Apparently, if you have a small website, you need to understand the essence of your contact forms’ essence and receive new prospects and customers. Although, you are advised to obtain essential information with attachment file options via the smart uploads plugins.

Similarly, Gravity Forms Smart Forms is an add-on that accepts multiple file uploads on your contact form.In particular, it offers super-handy customization. Hence, the user can easily get file types from non-technical users via this add-on. Users cannot enter HTML to display the form on the website.

Gravity Forms for Smart Uploads add-on is an integrated gravity form add-on that provides your users the ability to view their files before uploading them. However, gravity forms default functionality allows you to upload image in gravity forms, but you cannot display the files prior to the online uploading process.

It can’t even make significant changes, such as sorting them in a specific order preferred in the smart upload advanced image editor. It enables users to edit any image that consists of options such as adjustments, effects, filters, orientation, cropping, resizing, shapes, and text before uploading them online.

Note: In the latest version, 1.5, the following are the new features and fixes that consist of the following:

  • Avatar and Gallery template
  • Uploads multiple media files
  • Attachment preview
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Image editor options, i.e., adjust, effects, filters, orientation, crop resize, shapes, and text.
  • Edit, undo, redo, and full reset.
  • Full-screen preview.

Advanced Image Editor Features

Some of the advanced image editor features of the smart uploads in gravity forms:

Simple & Easy Installation – The user can easily install gravity forms smart uploads add-on on their WordPress-enabled site. The overall requirement is a gravity forms plugin on your site.

Intuitive & Smart Gallery Field – Gravity Forms smart upload add-on consists of a smart gallery feature in the advanced fields tab. You need to drag and drop the smart gallery to the left side and add it based on the user’s requirements.

File Extensions – It allows users to upload various formats of images.

  • Maximum File Numbers & Sizes –Gravity forms smart uploads add-on enables you to restrict the quantity and file sizes that your users will upload.
  • Drag & Drop – Enables users to upload multiple files via the drag and drop functionality from the front-end.
  • Sequence Sorting – Enables users to sort the sequence of order of their uploaded files while staying on a similar page.
  • Image Cropping – Enables users to crop image files and saves them instantly on their form.
  • Image Rotation – Enables users to rotate the image to 90 to 180 degrees before submission.
  • Image Editor – The options included are adjust, effects, filters, orientation, crop, resize, shapes, and text.
  • Progress Bar – This add-on displays the progress bar labels to highlight how far the user is in the process.
  • Upload Preview – Displays the attachment preview on the entry form.
  • Upload Multiple Files This enables users to upload multiple files simultaneously.
  • File Information Popup This enables the user to display the file information and file preview using the pop-up generated directly from the browser.
  • Single Entry View – Enables the user to display their submission in a Single Entry View with the provided information and submitted files.
  • Admin Receives Email – Gravity form smart uploads add-on generates and admin email after the user submits the form.

How to Install Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms?

Following are the steps required to install Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms:

Step # 1 – Enables the user to log in to your WordPress Admin account.

Step # 2 – Navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard, and Go to Plugins.

Step # 3 – Click on the Add New button highlighted in the top left corner. 

Step # 4 – Click on the Choose File button and upload the plugin file.

Step # 5 – After the plugin is successfully installed, click on the Activate button.

Getting Started

Following are the steps to get started with the gravity forms smart uploads:

Step # 1 – Hover to the Forms.

Step # 2 – Click on the Add New Button.

Step # 3 – Once you click on the Add New button, it works with the form wizard.

Step # 4 – Enter the Title.

Step # 5 – Add the Description (you may leave this field bank).

Step # 6 – Hover to the Create Form button.

Step # 7 – The form you have created earlier will be displayed under the forms menu.

Step # 8 – Click on the edit link to add the form fields area

Step # 9 – After the side area of the form page, certain fields options are available, which are as follows:

  • Standard Fields
  • Advanced Fields
  • Post Fields
  • Pricing Fields


Step # 10 – Now, the user needs to open the advanced fields toggle menu

Step # 11 – Advanced Fields panel must have the smart gallery option.        

  • The user must drag and drop the smart gallery field in the form section.

Compatibility & Supportability

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads is compatible and supported with the following plugins:

  • Compatible with Gravity PDF

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads add-on is fully compatible with the Gravity PDF. This plugin easily generates the emails and downloads the Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF. This add-on automatically sends emails and downloads PDFs from Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF.

  • Compatible with GravityView

Gravity Forms Smart Uploads add-on fully supports and is compatible with GravityView. This drag-and-drop page builder gets information from the gravity forms and shows it on the screen.

Wrapping Up

Hence, the aforementioned discussion highlights the overall concept of Smart Uploads for Gravity Forms, constituting the installation, setup, key features, and compatibility aspects that simplify the working process of the gravity form image editor.

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