6 ways to cut watermelon, different cutting methods in different situations

Summer is my favorite season. Beach, sunshine, swimming, beautiful flowers, rich fruits, sweet ice cream, although it may be hot and sweaty, and the skin is tanned, but sweating a lot, It’s good to get more sun. The fruits are very rich in summer, but watermelon has always been my favorite. The Hainan Black Beauty Watermelon, which has been on the market since March and April, to our local sand melon during the midsummer period, are all available. I am satisfied with what I ate.

I didn’t know how to cut melon before. After eating watermelon, the face was full of juice, which was very unsightly. So I learned the 4 ways to cut watermelon. It is a must-have skill in summer. Oh. Today I prepared a big watermelon weighing ten kilograms. First, find a watermelon knife along the lines of the watermelon. If there is no watermelon knife, use a kitchen knife to cut the watermelon in half. Don’t cut the melon horizontally. It’s not good-looking. If the skin of the melon is particularly crisp, your melon will split into two irregular shapes immediately.
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Watermelon Boat Cut

The cutting method of the watermelon boat is more beautiful. In many places, the watermelon boat cutting method is used when the fruit plate is served. First, a large watermelon is cut out. Then use a small knife to divide the watermelon into even watermelon pieces, being careful not to cut the watermelon rind, it won’t work if you cut it off.

Summer is the season to eat watermelons. It can be said that there are no watermelons. Summer is not bad. If you still worry about cutting watermelons, just look down.

1. The magic spoon

This is a magical spoon and also a sweet spoon. I don’t know how many people have eaten one watermelon with a spoon.

2. Dedicated to the kitchen

If you want to cut watermelon for a lot of people every day, and you don’t care about it, this is how you cut it.

3. Family cuts

If you’re at home, especially when you’re alone, it’s good to cut it this way. The skin of such a big melon and the flesh of such a big melon are separated in this way. It is a sense of accomplishment. As for the melon flesh, you can eat it any way you want. It’s OK to cut into pieces or eat directly.

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4. Party knife

If it’s a gathering of friends, especially good friends, it’s also very pleasant to cut into such small pieces and eat melons while chatting.

5. The scimitar is like the moon

I don’t know who thought of cutting watermelons like this. The tools are really great and easy to use. The melon pieces are also beautiful. You can cut them like this for those who like it.

6. Traditional cutting method

It is the most traditional way to cut watermelon, but now it is a borrowed tool. The melon pillar in the middle looks good.

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