6 Things to do on your new iPhone 12 straightaway

Getting your hand on the latest iPhone 12 is a great feeling. You hold the so-called fastest iPhone to date in your hand, which features exceptional processing power, elegant design, and a horde of new exciting features. Here are some of the things you should do on your new iPhone 12 straightway to enhance the user experience.

  1. Set up the Face ID: If you have upgraded from iPhone 6, you would be familiar with the Face ID. Face ID enables the users to unlock their iPhone by looking at it. Follow these steps to set the Face ID and password for your device. Go to the Settings, give a tap on Face ID and Passcode, then enter the passcode you wish to set up. Now give a tap on the ‘Set Up Face ID’ wherein you will have to look into a circle for the iPhone 12 to register your face. Once it’s done in a few seconds, then you will be able to open up your phone each time you look at its screen.
  2. Get your AirPods paired up: AirPods work like a charm with any iPhone, and now your new one deserves it. Pairing with iPhone 12 less than a few seconds, and you are all set to take calls, listen to music, and much more on the go. You can use both of your pods or mono as per your requirement, and it will work just fine. You can save on the new AirPods with Dealvoucherz if you are looking to buy one for your new iPhone 12.
  3. Try out the night mode on iPhone 12: iPhone 12 simply has the best camera on any smartphone, and you should make the most of it. Apple has improved the low light photography capability of its new iPhone to a whole new level. You can even take low light selfies in great detail and crisp quality with iPhone 12. Tap on your camera at night, and you will be surprised to see the night mode turn on its own. Now get ready for your pose, give a tap on the shutter icon, wait a few seconds, and your perfect night mode selfie is done.
  4. Get your iPhone data instantly: You don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of putting everything from your old iPhone to a new one by using another device. You can use the QuickStart feature embedded in your iPhone 12, which will help magically transfer all your old iPhone data without much hassle. You need to point your iPhone 12 camera onto the old camera and follow the steps on the device to complete the transfer in a jiff.
  5. Update all your apps: You need to update all your apps on the new iPhone 12 to ensure the best user experience. Open AppStore and give a hit on the update all to ensure all your apps are updated. If you want to know more about the updates, then give a click on the ‘What’s New’ option in the individual app, and you will be made aware of changes made by the developer for the new iPhone 12. You can save more on the paid premium apps by using the Hotoz Coupons.
  6. Get acquainted with new gestures and commands: iPhone 12 doesn’t have any home button, but it has gestures that help get around the device without any issue. Just go through gestures setting to understand how to return home, jump between the apps, switch, and close the app on the go.

Now you are all set to have the best smartphone experience on any given device with your all-new magnificent iPhone 12.

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