6 Recent & Future Inventions in the Electrical Engineering Industry

The electrical engineering industry is thriving all over the world. One after another we are seeing mind-blowing inventions in the field, making our lives easier. Most of these inventions are inspired by AI. Hence, the faster AI is evolving the more new concepts in the field of electrical engineering are emerging.

Are you curious to learn about the most recent & future inventions to watch out for in this field? Here we go!

Top 6 Recent Inventions in the Electrical Engineering Industry

1. Smart Grid

Appliances in our homes are quite delicate objects in terms of electric supply. If they don’t get the right amount of power, they break down much earlier than their normal lifespan.

For example, insufficient electric power can damage the internal parts of any appliance. On the contrary, if your refrigerator, TV, or AC is supplied with more energy than it needs, it can blow up.

Luckily, we now have a great option in the form of smart grids to solve this problem. Smart meters can be connected to appliances in our homes so they receive the right amount of energy — no less no more. Electrical contractors in Dubai are already using smart grids.

Furthermore, these help in minimizing the use of power, ultimately helping consumers to cut down their electricity bills.

2. Wireless Power Transfer

Imagine a world where there are no electrical wires; no loss of life due to naked wires on the roads during storms and floods. Moreover, the ability to maintain the connection between two points without any physical means.

Wireless power transfer in the future. It’s still in the primitive stage but in the future, it will be a normal thing. We already have wireless mobile charges, laptop charges, earphones, computer mouse, and other smart devices.

In the future, the transfer of power will be wireless. You won’t have to plug your mobile charger into a socket to start charging. And the possibilities are endless!

3. Internet of Things

How can we leave out the Internet of Things when we are talking about the recent and future inventions in the electrical engineering industry? Today, if it’s possible to give instructions to Alexa back at your home even while you are working from the office, the credit goes to the IoT.

Smartphones, wearable devices, and other smart devices can be linked to a network, thus giving you the ability to give instructions from anywhere. In the future, we will see IoT in the electrical engineering industry too.

There will be a higher demand for installing such systems into buildings and making them functional. Electrical engineers will be able to utilize these internet-connected tools to make the construction process more efficient.

4.Use of Drones

Drones have become quite common in the entertainment industry, where film producers use them during the shooting of songs, action scenes, etc. Also, travel vloggers and news channels use them on a regular basis.

But don’t think the use of drones is restricted to these areas only. The engineering and construction industry is also using drones to increase the safety of the site. Aerial mapping and surveys have also become an important part of engineering projects. All cities now have aerial filming services to help engineers see what was once either prohibitively expensive or impossible. Drones have made many engineering projects more viable thanks to the added safety checks they can provide.

Electrical engineers use drones to examine hazardous electrical zones so they don’t have to risk their lives while carrying out this process manually. Further, drones help them to collect valuable data and analyze it to make their future projects more efficient.

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality transcends beyond the ordinary human imagination. You can see and feel yourself in a different world. In short, AR bridges the gap between the digital world and the physical one.

Today, AR is being used in the education sector, retail stores, the health industry, and in many more areas where it pulls us into the scene. You can see yourself using a certain product before purchasing it. Complex concepts can be explained easily using AR.

Electrical engineers can use AR before implementing any plan. Particularly on construction sites, they use AR to provide information about the job while contractors are working. With real-time information, both parties are able to carry out their tasks in a smooth manner.

Besides that, while creating an electrical infrastructure for a site, they can use AR to see if it’s going to work or not. This way, they can minimize errors and devote their time and effort to more meaningful tasks.

6. Better Energy Batteries

One of the most useful inventions in this sector is going to be high-power batteries with tremendous energy storing capacity. Of course, despite all the innovations, we can’t depend on wind and solar power. What about the regions where people wait for months to see the sunshine?

Electrical engineers around the world are working relentlessly to improve this area. And with companies like Tesla, Eos, Sonnen, and Vivint Solar contributing regularly, we can expect a massive change. Who knows there will be batteries capable of storing enough energy to keep the electric cars running for months.


The full picture of these innovations and their impact can only be painted once we have some exciting inventions rolled out. The ones already in use have brought a productive change in the electrical engineering industry. Undoubtedly, the future of this industry looks bright.

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