6 Pranks to Play on Your Instagram Followers

We take social media for granted since it plays a significant role in our lives. A photo-sharing website at first, Instagram has evolved into a platform to document moments, share stories, and connect with people all over the world. 

Do you realize that you may also use it for some harmless pranks? 

Whether you have over 100,000 or as few as 10 Instagram followers, it’s always critical to make their connection with your account valuable. However, you can always try to boost your Instagram followers

Because they spent time on your profile and clicked “follow,” you should be grateful. It would be best if you showed your appreciation by offering your followers creative and engaging Instagram pranks that will keep them entertained but hopefully not too upset as they browse through your page.

It’s simple to prank people on Instagram because you don’t have to convince them face to face — and you can chuckle as much as you want because you’re doing it behind the scenes. Additionally, you get to prank a large group of individuals simultaneously. Therefore, take a look at these amusing Instagram prank ideas and decide which one you’re going to utilize.

You can try to do the timeless fun of doing a prank call to have fun. Also, you can try the following pranks: 

Fake a wild Vacation

Want to make the entire world envious of you? Spend a day or two convincing everyone that you’re leaving on an elaborate vacation in the middle of nowhere. Choose an incredible destination and find additional photographs online or on Instagram that you may publish under the guise of your own. Put yourself there as well if you’re proficient with Photoshop. Additionally, pretend to be abroad on your Story by posting a photo of yourself clutching your passport. At the end of the day, a selfie of you at home demonstrates that you were utterly joking.

If you lack the time to Photoshop, online service options are available. Contact them and send them some images of yourself to be edited in locations around the world that you’d like to visit!

Moving to Another Country 

Post a snapshot of a city, town, or even nation that is significantly away from your current location. Then, either make a direct announcement that you’re relocating or offer a subtle suggestion that you’re about to uproot your life and seek greener pastures. 

If you are committed, you can start by posting Instagram stories of packing luggage or screenshots of acquiring plane tickets on a website. 

Ensure that you and your landlord are not connected on social media, as the landlord will undoubtedly have questions. 

Friends with celebs?!

If you’re a Photoshop expert, you can try to fool your social media followers into thinking you’ve met a star you like. Some people will believe you if you perform research and ensure that your Photoshop skills are up-to-date.

Adding celebrities in the background of your uploads would also be a great way to soft launch this prank. And to add even more shock value, find a shot in which they appear to be kissing you on the cheek. Your pals will be envious as hell!

Big Announcement of Nothing

Few things are more irritating than someone posting cryptic comments on social media in the run-up to a major event. It’s important that you share something with your followers as soon as possible!

Please take advantage of this aggravating trend by pushing it to the next level. Prank your Instagram followers by telling them that you have a huge announcement to make each day. You should emphasize that this is a life-changing event, the most significant thing you have ever experienced (it can be an engagement, pregnancy, or just anything drastic!). 

Take advantage of everyone’s time by posting an Instagram Story. Finally, conclude with “Just kidding!”. 

Spoiler Alert!

Prank your TV-obsessed Instagram followers with this prank and see what happens. Big storyline spoilers for the most popular television shows should be posted online.

It’s up to you to decide what the spoiler should be. It can be whatever you wish! The death of the main character, the announcement of the winner of a reality show, or the identification of a serial killer are all possible examples of this. Laugh out loud when your loved ones gasp in disbelief at your inventiveness.. Get creative and watch your friends and family lose their minds. Make it believable — maybe use a popular fan theory — and act as your link to a source. You can even say it in your Story so that people are forced to hear it.

Final Thoughts

As the internet and social media grow, new avenues have opened up for pranks to generate clicks and social media interactions from social media users. As a type of humor, pranks have evolved into one of the primary contents of the social media landscape, purposefully meant to bring public attention to perpetrators’ walls and create comments in a pay-per-click/view economy.

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