6 Common Misconceptions About Kids and Braces

Whenever you have problems with your kid’s teeth, you should not hesitate to bring your child to an orthodontist for kids right away. Ignoring those problems for a long time can become a detriment to the child. Unable to treat those problems can also lead to hefty fees, which can be untimely and must be avoided.

Orthodontics has indeed come a long way, and there have been many advancements within the field. One of those advancements includes fixing children’s teeth through the use of braces and clear aligners. While this is the best way, some parents still think that braces for kids are dangerous. However, most of what parents believe is incorrect, so you need to learn about several misconceptions about kids and braces. 

  1. Braces are Strictly for Kids

You might think that braces are only for kids because you see them on kids most of the time. However, that is untrue because anyone can get braces if their goal is to have perfect teeth whenever they smile or open their mouth. Braces are mostly fit on children because it helps fix their teeth early, so they will not have any dental issues as they grow older.

  1. Kids Cannot Play Wind Musical Instruments

When you talk about braces for kids, you might think that they will have a hard time playing wind instruments such as flutes, oboes, clarinet, saxophone, etc. You do not have to worry about them failing their music classes because the braces will not affect their playing. They can still blow air into wind instruments without a problem. 

  1. Orthodontics is for Cosmetic Purposes Only

This is one myth that some believe because parents only want to prevent their kids from getting crooked, uneven teeth. That is not the case because orthodontics can do more than just make your kids look good. Your orthodontist knows every part of a kid’s teeth, bite, airways, and even their face’s growth. You can achieve a perfect bite with an orthodontist, a proportionate face, and an amazing smile while still having strong and healthy teeth. 

  1. Braces Can Trip Metal Detectors

If you have plans to take your child to the airport and they need to pass metal detectors, you should not worry because their braces will not cause the metal detectors to go off. Modern braces never trip metal detectors because they are made from tiny, light metals that are impossible for metal scanners to detect. 

  1. Braces Should Be Installed Tightly

Your kids may get scared when you tell them that they will be getting braces for the first time. They get scared because they think that braces will hurt their teeth and cause severe discomfort for months. But because of the latest improvements in orthodontics, kids will not have to experience discomfort anymore because orthodontists use flexible materials for braces. These flexible materials reduce the pain drastically, so your kids should have nothing to worry about when they get their braces.

  1. Kids Need to Sacrifice Eating Their Favourite Food

When your kids have braces on, that does not mean that they need to eliminate most of the food they eat. However, sacrificing certain food does not mean that they need to change their diet. You can still eat some of your favourite food like pork or other meat, as long as you cut them thinner and take tiny bites. 

Now that you understand the truths behind these misconceptions, you should not think twice to get your kids braces from a professional orthodontist.

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