5 Ways to Show Remote Workers Appreciation

Good leaders look for different ways of showing appreciation and recognition to their team, the current conditions have made it a bit harder – and more important – to value and recognize the contributions of your team members. 

The prolonged WFH means less visibility and some workers might fear that they are being ignored. For some, getting positive feedback and other types of validation from their managers will provide the momentary & needed boost especially at the time when the job-related stress & uncertainty stay high. This is the reason you must look for different employee recognition program ideas and if you’re happy with your remote employees’ work then make sure you show them that. Also, you will have a better chance to retain good workers in case you do so. Hence here are a few ways where you may show your appreciation to the remote workers.

Why Is It Important to Show Recognition to Remote Employee?

Adapting telecommuting and remote work practices will be a feasible task for many businesses and industries. Adapting the traditional awards programs made to reward the employee performance & encourage engagement is a bit challenging, however accepting defeat in such area means accepting negative consequences that can be substantial, hence you must look for employee recognition program ideas.

40% of the employees reported they were a bit ignored and states they were a bit less interested with the type of work. And some of them reported that their supervisor mainly focuses on their negative skills abilities, and 22% states of active disengagement in the work. Here are some ideas that you would like to consider:

1. Remember Important Days

You can set alarms that will remind you of any important days or milestones of the remote workers. This can be their work anniversary, birthday, or another relevant day, which they informed you. You can wish them on some occasions and also remember them on holidays. Such gestures can make your employees feel like an important part of their family. Your recognition and kind words show you remembered them and will let your employee know they are important to you. You can also send them the card in form of an email or write them the hand-written thank you note & send it across.

2. Time Zone & Cultural Considerations 

In many companies with employees working from all area of the world, it is very important to have the understanding of time zone differences & recognize some important days or holidays in every country. In order, to avoid any situations where the employees feel that they need to be accessible at inconvenient hours for connecting with the team. 

3. Stay Practical

Suppose you have a team that is spread out across the world, the restaurant gift card can do a lot of wonder to them. Another way to offer additional rewards beyond the verbal support will be asking them about any particular services and products that they will prefer they get in exchange for the job done nicely if it is the credit for a gym membership or iTunes gift card. You can give them the gift they will practically use, and not the gift that can collect dust.

4. Send tokens of recognition and appreciation right to their homes

The remote employees do not get the same gift-receiving experience, which the office environments have. Fortunately, we may easily offer gifts even from the distance. Managers can buy the remote employees lunch by using the food delivery application and send this directly to them. They will appreciate things such as movie tickets & gift cards as well. By sending your remote employee’s such types of gifts, you actually remind them despite their location, still they are an important part of your organization. 

5. Celebrate as one team

Online gamification, interactive bulletin boards & calendar of the company-wide declaration that invite employee feedback are the important components of a healthy culture. Participation of the employees may decrease feelings of isolation as well as help to foster peer relationships. A company may host the best picture ceremony or give their employee of a week award, whereas another may offer the online crossword or scavenger hunt. 

Final Words

Teams must strive hard to include relevant remote workers in the meetings if possible. Teams must consider their remote colleagues’ schedules while planning such meetings, particularly if some stay overseas.

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