5 Ultimate Tips On Hosting A Virtual Conference During Covid-19

The coronavirus cases all over the world are on a rise. While last year the world witnessed a major lockdown in March 2020, the cases are again skyrocketing this year, March 2021. 

As we write our latest blog, we understand that virtual conferences are the new norm, and businesses will function the same way for the next few months. And during these times, although the lockdowns are relaxed, it is best to stay indoors and participate in top-notch conferences online. 

It has been a year that people are functioning over video calls, and there is not much need to educate you about how the world of virtual reality feels. The same way online conferences function where people gather for an interactive, collaborative day of networking. There is space for information sharing and time allotted to have fun online. 

Now that we are unsure of the future and the upcoming undeclared lockdowns, online conferences must be considered as the normal mode of delivery. And we bring to you 5 effective tips on hosting online conferences and approaches to make it a gigantic success. 

Always treat virtual conferences as ‘real’

It is highly important that the organizers consider an event ‘real’ to set the bar right for the attendees. While people are stuck in their homes, the feeling of attending ‘real’ events is missing and if the conference is badly organized, then it is a feeling undiscoverable. 

So, how will you kick in the reality and liveliness into virtual conferences?

By considering it as an in-person event and working to organize the event in the same way. 

Introduce comprehensive programs like keynote presentations, breakout sessions, traditional presentations, discussions, and hands-on sessions. 

Promote the event over social media platforms with new and trending hashtags. Let attendees show some love and support towards the upcoming conference and spread the word. 

Build opportunities for attendee interaction. Enable attendee live voting in cases when the topics need attendees to share their opinions. Keep several discussion boards open for the attendees that they can tune in for some fun interaction and knowledge sessions. 

Enable a live chat system or utilize your existing mobile application for sharing constant updates and news about the conference. This can also be an effective medium to reach your attendees in no time!

Offer exciting discounts and coupons on various levels like a group discount, or institution discount. 

Create a hype on social media

In today’s world, if you are not actively promoting your conferences socially, then you are missing to reach your target audience. 

While events are conducted virtually, it is important that your virtual presence attracts attendees and speakers. Since people cannot talk with each other how they could during in-person events in the hallway, creating a social hype gives them a space to interact and discuss. 

The ‘fun stuff’ really happens on the social media platforms. 

So how can you create a sensation about the upcoming conference?

Here are a few tips.

  1. Contests and prizes: One of the best performing tricks on social media platforms is conducting contests and luring the audience with the prizes. The contest you conduct must be relevant to the conference topic and excite them to finally learn more about the subject by attending your event. 
  2. Set the swag: Ask your speakers and influencers to set the stage by talking more about the event on social media channels and grab eyeballs. The more they talk, the more swag you set about your event, and the more you connect with the audience. 
  3. Conduct meditation or yoga sessions: This can prove to be a great help for your attendees during the pandemic. You can gain more love and attention from your potential audience by conducting such interactive sessions. 

Choose and prepare your speakers and moderators

Your speakers and moderators are the heart and soul of the conference. When you reach out to your audience through social media channels or emails, they always look at the speakers and the moderators of the evening. 

Having a speaker and moderator with a large following and expert knowledge will help you convert more and intrigue attendees to listen to their favorites. 

Define the responsibilities of the moderators in advance. How they should record the sessions, how they must monitor the chats, how they should be quick in changing slides, etc. Make sure that you perform a dry run with all your responsible moderators to avoid mistakes. 

If necessary, conduct an orientation with the moderators and the speakers much before the conference. Educate them about their responsibilities, expectations, scripts, and the session. 

Keep it organized

Conducting events needs you to perform multiple activities before the actual event day. You might be overwhelmed about the nature of tasks you perform, but organizing the entire process will help you keep track of your efforts. 

As you open your website and mobile application for registrations, keep the following tasks listed and streamlined. Once you have registrations, automating the subsequent journey will help you maintain the decorum of the event. 

Give attendees a separate login where they can check out your amazing application, offers, speakers, time table, etc. Having a transparent system in place will take half of the burden away. 

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Don’t forget the little things

As we focus to create a successful event, we might sometimes overlook the tiny yet important aspects that construct the event. 

  1. Time zones: You can’t have unrealistic time zones and expect attendees from all over the world to attend your event. Research your target audience and set a timeline that suits best for the people from the respective regions. 
  2. Event management platform: Event management platforms are the enablers of your events. While we may feel comfortable with one event management platform, it is important that we choose the one that suits all our needs. 

If you are still confused about choosing one platform that is right for you, then you must know that Goldcast is a platform that will not let you down. Goldcast is an efficient event management platform that lets you conduct events like Netflix shows and accelerate your sales funnel. 

For more information, check out their website for amazing features and updates. 

  1. Sound quality: We may not realize, but the sound quality is an important factor for attendees to stick to your event. If the sound quality is anytime bad, you may lose attendees’ interests. 
  2. Webcams: Encouraging attendees to switch on their videos will create an interactive session and help attendees participate more. With a black screen, you may lose your attendees’ ears and interest. 
  3. Moderators or host: It is always better to have a host or moderator during the breakout sessions. Moderators can initiate discussions and keep a track of the entire session. 
  4. Recording the sessions: Always present your slides using the event management platform to enable an easy screen recording. This recording can be later sent to the attendees through emails to recollect on important aspects. 

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Make your next virtual conference a kick ass one!  

In this pandemic world, conducting virtual conferences can be very pocket-friendly. With no budget, no travelling costs, no lunch costs, etc., you can create a conference that is knowledge packed and sober for the eyes. 

The more innovative you get with your conference, the better traction you will receive. So if you are introspecting on ideas, then look around for various events, and start planning one!

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