5 tips for good restaurant management, fast service, more sales

From the previous article, we try to calculate that. If you reduce the service time by only 10 minutes, it will increase sales by more than 4 hundred thousand USD. Method of administration manages a restaurant that allows us to serve our customers faster How to shorten the working time? Read some useful tips of 호빠 below;

Serve 10 minutes faster, increase sales by 4 hundred thousand a year!

The first thing you should do before you start tuning. Is to turn back to check the work process first that stuck where which step is the slowest. The restaurant owner may try to observe and time. (During a lot of customers entering the store) since the customer stepped into the store until a customer walks out of the store, how long does it take on average to spend time in the store?

This may be used to divide the time period in order to verify that what is the longest time?

Phase 1 Customer enters the store – the employee receives and completes the order.

Part 2 Orders delivered to the kitchen – food served at the table

Phase 3 Customers start eating – collecting money

Part 4 Customer cashier – customer steps out of the store

However, when the owner of the shop knew that what time does it take? For example, a jam in the second period, which takes up to 15 minutes, may mean that the kitchen management system is not good enough will have to focus on fixing at this point, etc. When the cause of the slow service is known we will recommend how to manage the store for better working efficiency it really helps to shorten the working time as follows:

  1. Prepare raw materials from the start

Most restaurants spend the most time cooking. We can reduce the time in this process by preparing the raw materials as readily as possible. When it comes to rush hours, you don’t have to waste time sitting and washing, sitting and cutting again. Some restaurants may use a method to divide raw materials into portions (Portion) for 1 place, such as minced pork basil. I weighed the minced pork and then divided into cups or bags when the customer orders can be cooked immediately don’t waste time on quantity it also makes every dish served to a standard. Many people may think that the restaurant has many menus. It takes a lot of time to prepare (but actually, when there are few customers, the staff can sit down). If you’re still hesitant, check out a lot of Cuisine’s methodology. You can do it too. (Read more a lot of Cuisines)

  1. Adjust the new kitchen to suit

This is another major problem that slows down the chef’s cooking. Some restaurants 호빠알바 have kitchen space that is not suitable, for example, the kitchen is too narrow causing the rush hour, the kitchen staff bumped into each other not working or the kitchen is too wide It was time-consuming to walk to pick up the ingredients and ingredients. Or the placement of kitchen equipment is not suitable, such as a stove in one way. The cooking table is on the other side. The refrigerator is on the left corner, plates and cutlery are in the right corner. It takes a long time to gather ingredients to cook had to adjust the plan of the new kitchen or change the way of placing various devices to suit

  1. Adjust service methods

Finish the story behind the kitchen. Let’s take a look at the storefront. Most of the problems that cause slow service staff. This may be due to the fact that we do not clearly define the method of service. causing employees to not know what to do first (Importantly, the service is wrong, missing, forgetting to pick up the menu for customers. forget to repeat orders, etc.) Big restaurants Many stores, therefore, set the Sequence of service or service procedures systematically. by clearly specifying details such as when a customer enters the store Employees have to walk to pick up customers “immediately” and then take them to a table and pick up the menu within “15 seconds”, wait for the customer to choose the food within “3 minutes”, then go to pick up the order Until the last step is to collect the table, it must be done within 3 minutes after the customer leaves the table, etc. It can be seen that every step is clearly marked. Let employees know what to do within what time this will help work faster.

  1. Check the bill at the counter

This will help customers get out of the table faster as well including reducing the duties of employees as well because instead of customers having to sit and wait for the staff to walk to pick up the bill Customers check food items. Check the correctness of the price, pay, the staff brings the money to change which takes no less than 3-4 minutes, of course, which the customer also wastes time waiting Employees waste time serving other customers, so many stores have a solution by having customers walk to the counter to pay. to shorten the time

Or some stores that offer full-service services may not allow customers to pay at the counter. It uses technology to help. By allowing all employees to check the bill via Tablet by MK Restaurant, a large restaurant brand also use this method to reduce service time.

  1. Increase the number of employees

Finally, if you try all of the above methods but still can’t reduce the service time. You may want to consider increasing your headcount because the slow service may come from insufficient manpower. You do not need to hire permanent staff but using the method of hiring part-time employees to come during rush hours only. It will help reduce costs partly.

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