5 accessories to use with standing desks

Your standing desk journey began with your research into standing desks and the best suited for your needs. Even as you consider the desk to buy, there are other things that you should also factor in; these are the accessories. Whether you already have a desk or are planning to purchase one, it is essential that you consider how to improve the overall environment of your work area.

In the photo is the Single Monitor Mount by FlexiSpot.

Standing desks are a packaged deal, complete with their set of benefits that you get to enjoy. However, you can improve this experience through stand up desk accessories. Various adjustable desk accessories keep you organized, comfortable and improve efficiency.

Most people settle for the ergonomic benefits of standing desks and overlook the added benefits of the right accessories. With lots of choices available to you, it is essential that you conduct extensive research to narrow down the accessories that will be more beneficial to your health and productivity.

Finding the right standing desk accessories

Flexispot are furniture experts with a particular focus on office and workspaces to help the modern worker achieve optimal productivity without overlooking their health. Their range of standing desks has, over time, perfected the best standing desk accessories that you need with your desk. It is advisable that you look at manufacturers for suggestions on accessories and specifications of the standing desks and the accessories.

Looking at the most popular accessory options that most people go for, here are five accessories that you can use with your standing desk:

Active work settings require innovative accessories that will elevate your sit-stand workstation experience. One of the most suited accessories to have with your sit-to-stand desk is a cushion and a mat. Your ergonomic seat cushion ensures your comfort when you’re sitting and working. The Flexispot seat cushions are made to relieve back pain and provide the most comfort, especially when you’re posture training. The design helps you maintain a healthy work posture and contributes to your overall health.

On the other hand, anti-fatigue mats are very important for your feet. Standing is not as easy as you might think. The working while standing trend might be healthy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not exhausting. For ground support, anti-fatigue mats help you be comfortable when you’re standing. Remember that long periods o standing can cause leg and back pains. These mats help your feet and promote blood circulation. It is still important that you switch between sitting and standing, especially when you’re just getting started.

  • Keyboard trays

Keyboard trays go beneath your work surface. This ensures that your keyboard and mouse sit independently from your desktop, leaving you with more space on your desk surface. Keyboard trays are easy to fit into your desk and are easy to adjust and match to the size of your desk. This is to ensure that you have maximum comfort in each desk setting.

Keyboard trays come in a variety of options; these include track, trackless and clamp-on. Therefore, you can customize your keyboard tray to feature the ideal palm support, mouse area and options for your arms. The goal is to achieve maximum comfort when you’re working at your desk.

Keyboard trays have been found to be effective in elevating the upper back, neck and wrists to avoid pain in these areas caused by poor typing posture. They also help avoid the carpal tunnel syndrome by allowing height adjustment, tilt, and position relative to your body.

  • Power solutions

Tangled up cords can drive you up the wall, especially when you need to detangle them to get to the one you need. No one wants this kind of messy situation in their work area, and this is true when you’re working; it can distract you from your work, and you can end up wasting a lot of time to get the USB supply you need.

In comes the sanding desk power supplies that keep you organized and keep your mobile devices within reach. Before you go out and buy a power solution, it is important that you know how many electric components you need at your adjustable desk. This helps you choose the best power solutions for your workspace.

Power solutions include USB charging stations, pop-up power receptacle, power strip and flush mount charging. If you get a power strip that you can screw under your desk, you’ve found yourself a great solution to avoid clutter under and on your desk. If your desk features USB ports, that’s a bonus right there!

Your power solutions should also include cable management, in the form of a cable tray, to ensure that you don’t have so many unruly cables running through your workstation.

Being organized is intrinsically part of productivity. It is important to have your workspace ordered; without organization, it’s challenging to maintain a workflow. Without sufficient space on your desk, it’s hard to get organized. This is where filing cabinets and drawers come in to play. The beauty of having a standing desk is the fact that you get sufficient space on its underbelly for drawers to keep clutter away from you.

In that respect, filing cabinets and drawers are essential accessories for a standing desk, those that don’t have an extra drawer for storage. The great thing about these cabinets and drawers is that they come in a variety of colors and styles; you can decide one that works best for your standing desk.

Having a pencil drawer or utensil organizer is also great in ensuring that you have all your beneficial tools in their rightful places. Even in an age where most functions are now digitized, having a pen, pencil, clips, highlighter, and pads is still important. The organizer allows for quick access to the materials you need.

  • Mini trainer/treadmill or bicycle trainer

A general treadmill would require an ample space, which you might not have in your office space. However, withstanding desks comes mini treadmills and elliptical trainers to help you keep fit while working. It also helps you stay active during your workday. With these accessories added to your standing desk, you don’t need to step away from your work to put in some steps; you can be both mentally and physically active at your desk.

While these accessories aren’t ideal, especially if you’re pressed for space, but they make for excellent standing desk accessories to keep you active while you work. Fitness chairs have also become popular; you can get one so that you’re not stationary throughout your workday.

Active sitting on your sit-stand desk

Even if you’ve gotten used to standing at your desk, you need rest and alternating between sitting and standing is the best option. However, there is a new edge to it, active sitting. As part of the accessories you could get for your desk, whether for gaming purposes or work, you can use standing desk chairs that encourage you to move around while you sit. Sitting options that prompt you to work your core muscles have gained favor among gamers and workers and become a popular accessory for standing desks.

There is a wide variety of active sitting options available in the market. Take the Flexispot sit-2-go fitness chair, for instance. This height-adjustable chair helps you work out while you sit as it features bicycle peddles. You can use this with your standing desk and adjust to different settings. And like everything else, it is essential to give yourself time to get used to active sitting.

When to buy standing desk accessories

Standing desk manufacturers have insight into all the best accessories and what works best for your purchase desk type. You can get this information from your dealer or manufacturer. You can purchase your accessories together with your stand up desk to ensure that they work well together.

However, if you already have your standing desk, ensure that you pick accessories that will fit into your workspace. Check your mounting space and whether these accessories are recommended for use with your particular standing desk.

You should always consider the manufacturers’ specifications of the standing desk as well. Remember to measure and counter check before purchasing the accessories. Even with the standing desk accessories listed above, there are many more that you can consider if you need more. These include:

  • Casters
  • Footrests
  • Pillows
  • Comfortable standing shoes
  • CPU holders
  • Pedestals
  • Monitor risers and laptop stands
  • A privacy panel if you work in an office setting

A healthier lifestyle starts with you, starts with getting the right work environment to promote your overall health and keep you productive. Standing desks are even more attractive and functional when you accessorize right. Consider your needs and what you should incorporate in your standing workstation as you choose accessories. Each accessory has its remarkable benefits; it is important that you weigh these benefits as you make your purchase. Remember, if you can improve your workspace, you should always take the opportunity to make it a wholesome standing desk area for productivity and a healthy lifestyle.

This article is written by Teddy Muyeka.

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