4 Ways To Be Creative With Your Blank T-Shirts

Blank apparel is economical and more multifaceted than one may realise. Things such as t-shirts are undeniably an essential part of any wardrobe as they are available in a wide category of colours and styles. These garments are popular because they are great for people of all ages.

If you are a creative individual, you can either personalise your clothes or even start a customised clothing business. In this case, getting your Wholesale Blank T-shirt supply from a trusted brand would be best. If you are looking for methods to spice up your blank t-shirts, below are some ideas that might help.

Consider them tie-dyed

If you have blank apparel that is preferably white or light coloured, you can give it a total makeover by tie-dyeing it. Although tie-dyed shirts are usually associated with the bohemian period, more and more people appreciate this style up to this day.

Additionally, people have fun making their DIY tie-dye shirts as they are easy to make. All you need are three essential ingredients: your blank shirt, elastic bands, and bottles of dye with the colours of your choice, and you can now experiment with different designs and patterns.

Use bleach instead

If you have a darker coloured shirt and want to play with it, you can remove colour instead of adding some. By using your imagination and letting your creative juices flow, you can make your dark-coloured canvas unique.

You can use a bleach pen for more specific lines or a spray bottle for a random look. However, when using bleach, you must use gloves so your skin would not touch the harsh chemicals that make up the bleach.

Play with markers

Another way to spice up your blank shirt is to draw on them with markers. However, not all markers are created equal. There are different kinds of pens that are fabric-friendly. You can use either washable or permanent markers. To avoid future regrets, make sure to research what types of fabric are compatible with special markers.

Have it with a print

If you plan to do a business out of your creativity, you can opt to get your supplies from a brand that offers a Wholesale Blank T-shirt so you could choose a specific fabric of your choice and have consistent quality for each shirt. Additionally, opting for wholesale often comes with a much affordable price than buying individual pieces of shirts.

It is important that you are investing in a trusted brand and you are satisfied with the quality they provide as these shirts will be the fundamental instrument of your new clothing business. This shirt-printing business is a great choice if you have clients from different schools and organisations that often place orders in large quantities.

There are endless possibilities for your blank t-shirts! If you have an artistic side, a blank t-shirt could be a perfect canvas to express yourself through customising it. Blank shirts never go out of style. However, if you choose to spice them up, you can consider using tie-dyes, bleaches, markers, or even have labels and designs printed on them.

Whether you plan to utilise the tips mentioned above for personal use or marketing, make sure to do further research about each specific material you plan to use for a successful craft!

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