4 Things Everyone Must Do To Make The World A Better Place

Responsibilities are all over us. We must not ignore them, because by being concerned about things that matter in life —you prove your true human nature. This brings a lot of blessings to your doorstep. Have you seen what is happening around the world?

We are all wondering when this pandemic will end and see our normal social and economic lives back. Even before the emergence of this so-called COVID-19(Coronavirus), life was unbearable for many of us. The news and what we see are disheartening.

Today it is Italy being swept by the virus, tomorrow it is the USA, the next day it is India, and so forth. We are one people. I believe this is the right time we must reason together to make the world a better place now and for our future generations. The Devil is roaring like a lion seeking whom he may devour —says the Bible.

Every life here on earth is precious. Unfortunately, we have lost over 3.5 million innocent souls to this pandemic.

Now the question is how can you as an individual help? I have a few suggestions that will save our planet.

Things To Do To Make The World A Better Place

01. Love

I will begin by saying love is one of the greatest things we all need. If you don’t know how to love your neighbor —then you are a problem. Fix yourself first.

The Bible calls it the Golden Rule. This means what you don’t want others to do to you don’t do it to anyone.

People who don’t have the virtue of love are haters of peace. I mean they disrupt anything that brings peace and harmonious living among mankind.

People who are full of hate fuel racism, civil war, genocide, murder, and many other forms of discrimination. It is time we learn how to love each other despite our differences. The fundamental right must be respected.

02. Training For Children

Many people who are nuances to our communities lacked parental control. They find it hard to understand simple things that bring peace and elevate morality.

If you are a parent and you fail to train up your child — it means you are helping to raise an army of people who delight in lawlessness. Such kids grow up to become militant groups, kidnapers, bullies, murderers, thieves. Honestly, we don’t need these people in our societies.

Some of them end up in prisons or rehabs before they may turn on a new leaf. The time for proper upbringing is now. Parents shouldn’t raise their children like wild animals. We need peace in our world.

03. Positive Thoughts

Out of the mind comes many thousands of thoughts. And many of them are negative. We need to learn to have positive inspirational thoughts accompanied by positive actions.

It’s time everyone thinks positively in a way that will curtail the high rate of discrimination or hatred against our fellow people at workplaces, schools, communities, countries, and beyond.

Evil thoughts stampede progress. It’s so hard for me why some humans will work so hard to pull down a man who is climbing the ladder of success.

Until mankind learns to think good about his neighbor, it would be very difficult to see progression in life. So my little advice to you is; Stay away from people full of evil thoughts or negative thoughts. I prefer calling them negaholics or wet blankets.

They increase the hardships we are facing in this world. May we learn how to show love, train our children, and develop good thoughts for ourselves and everyone else.

04. Kindness

Learn how to give support to people who need help. Generally, you must be a generous person. Don’t be stingy? Giving could be in the form of money, clothing, food, prayers, etc. Do it wholeheartedly —the one you can to make this world a better place. You can also be a life changer!

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Stay positive and be loving always.

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