4 driving mistakes that lead to car accidents.

According to the statistics released in 2020, car accidents spiked by about 8% increase. Making the car crashes in 2020 the highest since 2007.

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This article will enlighten you on common driving mistakes that lead to car accidents. If you have always viewed yourself as a super diligent driver, you will view yourself in a different light after reading this article.

  • Signalling too late: especially when there is a traffic rush, it is normal to see cars tailing closely behind one another. Hence signalling just in time for you to make a turn or in the middle of making one is a sure way to cause car accidents. If you want to make a turn, signal early so the drivers behind you will take it slow.
  • Being overly impatient may cause you to cut off other drivers without caution. Doing this may bring about accidents. If you desire to cut off other cars, make sure there is a safe opening in traffic before proceeding.
  • Overspeeding: ensure to abide by the speed limit set in any area you find yourself. Going over and beyond the speed limit will either get you to your destination or cause you to land in a car accident.
  • Respect pedestrian crossing: having a car is not a ticket to act in an anyhow manner. You need to respect the rules guiding traffic. Wherever you see pedestrians cross, come to a halt for them to pass.
  • Avoid distractions while driving: There is the urge to combine various activities with driving. However, do not succumb to such urges. Driving is like a jealous wife that does not appreciate an imparied attention. Do not make calls, press phone or anything that can keep your eyes off the road whenever you are behind the wheel.
  • Whenever the weather is not clear. Perhaps it’s raining or snowing or windy, do not overspeed! Keep your driving slow and steady.
  • Your side mirrors are there for a reason. So always adjust them to ensure they have a good view of the vehicles coming behind you.
  • Some people share the belief that professional drivers should not wear a seat belt. They think it’s a taint, seat belts are for learners they say. Regardless of this belief, it is in your best interest to use a seat belt each time you are driving or in the passenger seat. Use your belt!
  • Not paying attention to other drivers: even if you abide by all rules that guide safe driving, are you sure others are making the same effort? You never can tell.

Therefore you must pay close attention to drivers near you, doing this is a reliable way of not getting rammed by another vehicle.

  • Driving a car which is poorly maintained. There are many instances where car accidents happen because the brake failed to efficiently put the car to a halt. Regularly maintain your car, it saves you a whole lot of stress, really!
  • If you are driving a manual car, letting out the clutch too quickly is a good way to have the car coming behind you ram into your vehicle. If you are going to stall your car, signal to the cars behind you and release the clutch slowly.

Which of these driving mistakes are you guilty of committing? One, two, three or all?

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