4 Basic Utensils You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Every house needs versatile utensils to assist one with cooking a variety of dishes. Investing in the best quality saucepans, cookers, woks, and other utensils helps one increase its longevity and reduces the need for finding a new one every few months. Since a single tool cannot get the job done, one has to find a bunch of utensils usable for multiple purposes. Assistive kitchen gadgets do not primarily involve cooking, but help get the work done faster and much more effectively.

It is confusing to pick so many gadgets and waste money on unnecessary utensils. So here are some of the basic utensils usable for versatile cooking and food preparation.

Juicers and mixers:

No dish is fully prepared if it does not have a delicious gravy or a sweet juice to go with it. Mixers can efficiently grind up a paste or a puree that can be added to a mix or used purely as a dip. Most pasta and pizzas require a finely made sauce that is only achieved by a mixer. These mixers have different blades that can dilute the gravy as per requirement and form a smooth paste that elevates the dish’s consistency.

Juicers are essential for every house that believes in nutrition and natural juices. These juicers have special blades different from mixers to suit tougher fruits and vegetables. They form a blend without breaking the juicer and capturing the nutrition in the fruits perfectly.


These utensils are a necessity in every house. They help cook various dishes without having to buy a specific appliance for themselves. Saucepans have the dimensions and the features to suit most dishes. They help in frying, boiling, heating, and many other uses that can prepare a dish in minutes. They are available in many materials like Iron, Aluminium, and much more that differ in their heating and efficiency.

Make sure to buy one with proper protection and handles that cool in no time. A utensil that corrodes fast and loses colour can be detrimental to the purchase since these utensils are a long term investment regardless of their size or cost.


Each house needs stockpots for thorough cooking purposes. These pots can contain a lot of dishes that need deep boiling or cooking a lot of food at once. They help with easier mixing and stirring as well. Since saucepans cannot cook a lot of food at once, it is best to accompany it with stock pots or bigger pots that help it as an accessory. Soups, meatballs, pasta, stew, and much more are easy to make using stock pots compared to other utensils.

These pots can hold a lot of material and hence cook for longer hours. It does not dry up quickly and can be left undisturbed for a while. Ensure to check the capacity and the quality so it does not break on excessive heat, pressure, or weight.

Induction stoves and cookware:

Induction cookware can assist cooking by heating up quickly and being much more economical. It is easier to understand and has modes that can help the current generation understand cooking better. The presets are the best for bachelors or those who dread cooking. It has an amazing range from heating milk to make a whole delicious dish in a matter of minutes.

One has to buy induction cookware along with these stoves to ensure safe cooking standards. This cookware can sustain the modes and high amounts of heat. So invest in suitable cookware for a delightful cooking experience.

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