15 Finest Classic Omega Watches of 2021

Louis Brandt founded Omega in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848. Omega was not used in the new company name Louis Brandt et Frère—Omega Watch & Co. until 1903. This was due to the success of their innovative manufacturing and their Omega watch line, which became a brand in its own right. The name was not officially changed to Omega SA until 1982. Already in the early 1900s, they had approximately 800 employees producing 240.000 watches per year. By 1970, they had become Switzerland’s largest watch manufacturer. Because of the quartz crisis, changes occurred, and the companies became part of the SMH and Swatch group in 1983.

Omega is among the biggest names for timepieces, well-known for its moon show, its Olympics time, and its 007 wrists. They’ve been making some of the most robust, accurate, and elegant timepieces on the market since 1848. 

  • Omega pink gold officer guilloche dial 1924

Omega classic watch have undoubtedly had a greater influence on the development of the luxury wristwatch over the last century than any other. This Omega pink gold officer’s watch integrates the case style popular during World War I with the glamorous aesthetics of the following decade, with an exquisite original engine, turned starburst dial radiating light from the center point. It is a lovely collectible item.

  • Omega tonneau 18k white gold 1927

This beautiful white gold classic Omega is one of the most captivating watches, having been highly exotic when new and remaining so today. It is a highly desirable collector’s item and a serious investment piece because it is original and absolutely stunning.

  • Omega gold cushion with deco dial 1937 

The impact of interwar art deco design is instantly apparent in this lovely gold classic Omega watch. 

  • Omega gold double-signed Welsh dial 1938

This is a very attractive gold classic Omega watch from just before World War II. While the casual viewer might expect it to be equipped with Omega’s 30mm movement, its specifications are more unusual.

  • Omega Patented Waterproof steel 1938

This wonderful gentleman’s Omega in a patented waterproof case, designed and produced a year before World War II, is a historically significant model that classic Omega aficionados will find difficult to resist.

  • Omega 14k gold with chocolate dial 1943

This great classic Omega is a textbook piece of work of an investment-grade classic wristwatch, with a rectangular movement fitted in a circular case by Gerlach, one of the finest case makers of the golden era.

  • Omega Mark VII/1956 MOD upgrade steel 1944

It doesn’t get much more interesting than this with vintage Omega watches. Originally a 1944 Omega Mark VII pilot’s watch, this piece was officially re-cased by the British Ministry of Defense in 1956 before being sold with a civilian dial.

  • Omega bumper steel automatic Newark dial 1946

Watches like this one were among Omega’s first self-winding models, and as a result, they are extremely valuable. This example is in excellent condition and comes with a lovely art deco-themed double signed Nottinghamshire dial.

  • Omega oversized steel double-signed dial 1946

Classic Omega watches with the company’s famous 30mm movements are among the finest ever crafted. This timepiece is even more desirable because it combines the renowned 30mm movement with a rare oversize steel case.

  • Omega Seamaster bumper automatic steel deco 1951

This is the classic first-generation limited edition Omega Seamaster, with its distinctive early wide lugged case and bumper self-winding movement. This model represents the beginning of an Omega line that is now world-famous.

  • Omega Seamaster bumper steel 1952

This utterly beautiful art deco automatic is of a grade that is now extremely difficult to find. It is the perfect example of a first-generation Omega Seamaster. A museum-quality example of one of the world’s most famous luxury watches.

  • Omega Gold 1954

This classic gold Omega is a superb collector’s item, with an English market 9 karat Dennison case and a movement from the 30mm series, arguably the best hand-wound mechanisms ever built by any maker.

  • Omega Seamaster steel black dial rotor automatic 1955

This striking model features a jet black dial and the classic early wide lugged Omega Seamaster case. It is, however, historically significant to purist collectors as the first vintage Seamaster to feature rotor self-winding.

  • Omega Constellation Manhattan steel on bracelet 1984

Manhattan was a significant step forward in the Constellation’s evolution, and its influence can be seen in today’s models. It is a good investment right now because it is maturing nicely into an iconic modern classic.

  • Omega Seamaster 200 steel “pre-Bond” 1989

This model is historically significant because it is the first appearance of the Seamaster style, which is now associated with James Bond models. It is difficult to locate because it was produced shortly before Omega’s involvement with the Bond franchise.

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Omega has been producing the finest classic watches for nearly a century. Their classic watches attest to their high quality. It’s extremely fashionable to wear and will undoubtedly last a long time; keeping it in your collection is a wise decision.

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