All You Need To Know About 12Play Live Casino Malaysia

Live casino Malaysia is a video-based gambling experience that’s streamed in real-time with real dealers shuffling the cards and interacting with players. In layman’s language, a live casino is a virtual gambling affair where you don’t have to be physically present in some casino room- everything is brought to you online, from the comfort of your device. Let’s look into the important things you should know about 12Play live casino Malaysia.

Online Gambling Technology

You must be wondering, how does this work? Is it legit? Can it be rigged? Well, with the advancing technology, a lot of things are happening and greater ones are yet to come. Both the table games and slot games can be played online with fair chances of winning. Register at and explore more about the gambling games online.

In 12Play live casino Malaysia, they use a simple yet sophisticated technology made possible through computer programming and the optical camera recognition technology. Unlike online casinos that use the random number generator, live casinos involve real casino dealers. The dealers handle the game and are carefully monitored by the smart security technologies that have been put in place to ensure credibility and users’ safety and privacy.

Components of Live Casino Malaysia 

The journey to pick the right gambling site is not easy. You may need do your own research from online casino review site before you start betting. A typical live casino Malaysia website operate like a land-based casino but with some advanced communication between the dealers and the players. Below are the key components that you may need to know. 

Live Dealers 

They are the ones running the game. They are very familiar with the gameplay and cannot afford to make errors. 

Control Unit 

This is a crucial component in the entire system since it takes care of all the proceedings. It encodes the videos being broadcast and assist the dealers in running the game. 


Since the events have to be broadcast to the players via their smart devices, cameras are necessary They help in streaming real-time footages from the casino rooms into the online channels. Depending on the type of game being played, the number of cameras will vary A roulette table, for example, will have 3 cameras for a complete streaming experience. One will take videos of the table, the second one on the wheel and third will focus on the picture display. 

Display option 

A monitor forms part of the display system showcasing what the end-players are receiving in real-time. The number of monitors in the casino depends on the running bets and of course the number of online members. Keen monitoring is crucial for an effective and seamless gambling experience. These monitors enable the dealers to open new tickets and close running bets.

The Future Live Casino 

With the passing time, it continues to take shape as people embrace the impeccable technology, ease of playing and higher chances of winning. While this industry is enjoying a substantial market share, several advancements and developments are speculated to boost its growth. 

Some of the future developments expected in the market include a dual play feature, which means more than one player at a time, and the virtual reality immersion where dealers and players communicate in real-time. 

Conclusion About 12Play Live Casino Malaysia

The thrill of playing a live casino game is without the hectic and pressure-oriented setting you often find yourself in when playing in a physical casino. Here, you enjoy privacy while playing. Nobody will give you a weird look if you lose or that bitter stare if you walk away with their money. Hence, enjoy and have fun while playing all the thrill casino games in 12Play, the best online casino in Malaysia.

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