10 Best Educational Movies to Watch with Your Family

One of the best educational movies from the 90s was Finding Nemo. The story revolves on Marlin, an overprotective clownfish, and Nemo, his son. One day, by a sudden twist of fate, Nemo gets lost after venturing into the forbidden open sea. Marlin and his friend Dory then launch a pursuit that takes them to Sydney Harbour to rescue him from his abductors.

Besides its humor and entertainment value, this educational movie promotes the value of trust. Marlin learns that trusting his son and others is essential to achieving his goals. According to a book and movie review, Finding Nemo’s success saw it named the 10th greatest animated film ever made.

Educational movies allow for imagination and new ideas to thrive, making it possible to make discoveries or understand certain complex issues.  Want to discover more educational movies to watch with your family? Here’s a list of the 10 best family-friendly movies you’re bound to enjoy.

1.   Star Wars Series 

With space travel almost within the grasp of mere mortals, how about taking your family on an epic space adventure? Star Wars will expose them to Luke Skywalker’s quest to become a Jedi and his travails with the evil Darth Vader amidst other adventures.

Educational value: Star Wars teaches that hope is essential but requires work to actualize. In this educational movie, everyone uses hope to spur them into action and achieve their goals.

2. E.T. 

In this movie, you’ll meet an alien stranded on earth and learn of its subsequent friendship with a little boy named Elliot. It’s one of the best educational movies in the science fiction category and a must-see for anyone.

Educational value: E.T. emphasizes the importance of friendship. Two unlikely entities come together in a bond founded on love, loyalty, and teamwork.

3.   Toy Story 

Toys are a big part of growing up, and even in adulthood, some people view them as collector’s items. Thus, Toy Story will resonate with your family as it explores the secret life of toys.

Educational value: Toy Story exposes you to the fact that change is unstoppable. It’s necessary for growth, and fear, which hinders it, is detestable.

4.   The Sound of Music

This is a family staple, not only for the thrilling musicals but the captivating story about the Trapp family and the inherent bonds they build with their remarkable governess.

Educational value: Success is possible no matter where you are in life. There’s also the binding power of music that unites the Trapp family and helps them weather the horrors of war.

5.   Frozen 

Your best assignment help should lead you to Frozen. This is one of the new family movies with valuable learnings. It’s about sisterhood, love, and family and revolves around Kristoff and Anna, who are on a push to rescue Anna’s sister Elsa, a Snow Queen from their winter-ridden kingdom.

Educational value: Nothing is impossible, and you should never let seemingly scary odds discourage you from pursuing your dreams.

6.   The Secret Life of Bees

One of the best educational movies for teens, this movie features Lily Owens, a teen searching for information about her late mother. Her quest leads her to a small town in South Carolina, where she meets the Boatwright sisters. The sisters help her make valuable discoveries through important lessons in beekeeping.

Educational value: From this educational movie, your family will learn the transformative healing powers of love.

7. Home Alone 

One of the best family friendly movies around, Home Alone is loaded with humor and valuable lessons for your family. It features Kevin, a bright 8-year-old who manages to thwart a gang of hapless home invaders in a humorous, fun-filled adventure.

Educational value: This movie teaches the importance of bravery, security, and proper communication among family members.

8. Spider-Man 

If you’re looking for an action thriller with valuable lessons, especially for teens, this is it. It’s the story of Peter Parker, a nerdy teen bitten by a radioactive spider. From the bite, he gains spider-like abilities that come in handy when tragedy strikes his family.

Educational value: Leaders have essential responsibilities and choices to make due to the great powers bestowed on them.

9. Where the Wild Things Are

Based on a children’s book, this is one of the best educational movies for kids. It features Max, a lonely teen who escapes to his room and imagination after a tiff with his mom. Here he sails to an island with creatures known as the wild things, where he has an epic, unforgettable adventure.

Educational value: This movie explores punishment and how it’s applied, especially to someone who feels unheard and unseen.

10. Matilda

This educational movie is an adaptation of a book about Matilda, a wondrous young girl. Her big moment comes when she uses her gifts to validate herself and her despicable family against a judgmental society.

Educational value: Matilda teaches that good triumphs over evil, rendering truth to the invincible David and Goliath story.

Final thoughts

These are a few of the best educational movies recommended for your family. There are many more you can explore with further research. But whatever family-friendly movies you choose, ensure they’re educational and valuable to your family’s well-being.

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