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If you currently have a job, looking into business alternatives that don’t demand a lot of time or effort might be beneficial. Many part-time businesses can be operated from home or even online. Some company options are built to generate passive income, which means you won’t have to put in a lot of time or effort to keep them running. In this blog we will discuss about world best business opportunity in India in low investment.

Other business opportunities could be expanded to allow people to make the shift from their current jobs to entrepreneurship. Finding the proper business opportunities begins with doing something you like and figuring out how to make money from it. We’ve compiled a list of business options that should appeal to a wide spectrum of people.

Here are 7 world best business opportunity in India

Own an Edtech Franchise Business 

In 2020, Indian EdTechs raised $2.3 billion, and in the first part of 2021, they raised $1.4 billion. Even while classroom learning is likely to regain strength in 2022 and beyond, the EdTech trend is not going away.

K12 education experts raised $99 million of the total $5.77 billion raised by the sector so far in 2021. According to Tracxn, more than 4,800 K12 edtech start-ups have been founded internationally in the last four years, with 1,782 from India. Furthermore, whereas 155 K12 edtech initiatives were launched in India in 2021 (through October 13), over 800 such start-ups were launched in 2020.

Why Own an Edtech Franchise?

Owning an already established edtech franchise can provide you with the expertise you need to cover the market and increase your sales. You will get complete marketing support and intensive training to boost your revenues.

Start your own business with Studynlearn

Studynlearn, the fastest growing elearning brand in India is offering its franchise in lowest investment with complete marketing and training support to help people start their own business.

What makes edtech the world best business in India?

  • Recession proof sector
  • High demand
  • Recurring Income 
  • High ROI

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Tutoring possibilities have grown in recent years, as schools and even businesses have demanded that employees continue their education. Tutoring is beneficial on many levels, whether it is for a student struggling with mathematics or a help desk professional attempting to pass an A+ certification exam. If you have a specialty, there are several business chances for people who are prepared to share their knowledge. 

IT Consultant

To various people, becoming an IT contractor or providing tech help can imply different things. Some ambitious individuals will offer virus removal and hardware troubleshooting services to those in their near area. Others will choose to pursue careers in coding or big data management on their own or through a headhunting firm. The scope of business prospects for IT contractors is nearly limitless. 

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Hair Salon

If you have a talent for hair, a home salon could be the perfect fit for you. Starting a home salon is a fantastic opportunity to provide people with the one-on-one attention they don’t get at larger places while also making them look and feel amazing.

Specialist in Social Media

Small businesses and huge enterprises alike will try to utilize a new social media platform – Twitter, Facebook, Ello, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on – to get more clients and develop business prospects. The issue emerges because many of these businesses do not know how to post compelling messaging that would attract the public’s attention, so they revert to traditional advertising. A social media expert knows how to attract followers, “likes,” retweets, and other forms of engagement — because that’s where the money is.


You can start selling your images online as prints or as stock photos for anyone to use in their own projects – such as book and album covers – if you are a talented photographer and know how to utilize editing tools like PhotoShop or Google’s Nik.

Brokering Websites

Each domain on a website has a value. Domains for the New York Times and Coca-Cola, for example, are worth millions, if not billions of dollars. Domains for local restaurants and personal blogs, for example, are substantially less expensive. There are people that buy and sell domains in the same way that they trade stocks on Wall Street, and they make a good living off of these side hustles.

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