Will NEBOSH Get Me A Job?

In today’s modern and digital world there are multiple occupations. However, with huge organizations and workers comes the responsibility of their well being. This is why the safety and health industry today is booming, most modern businesses have been recognizing it’s growing vitality. To facilitate this industry, NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) a UK based qualification offers courses in this field. It is accepted worldwide and so there are many resources for it’s preparation. In fact, the preparation for NEBOSH in Lahore Pakistan is offered by Qanmos College. Here’s why NEBOSH can boost your job prospects.

Globally Recognized

NEBOSH is a globally recognized qualification. This means that it will boost your job prospects around the world. Many  South Asians go to the Middle East in search of work because of its close geographical proximity as well as cultural similarities. Good news for those candidates, because NEBOSH is accepted throughout Gulf countries. The building and construction industry in Gulf countries has been booming and with that they require people for many heath and safety positions.

Knowledge in Multidisciplinary Fields

To become safety professionals NEBOSH Course will not only enable you to get a basic knowledge about health and safety. It will equip you with expertise in many fields which are all required for health and safety occupations. NEBOSH offers awards, certificates, diplomas and masters in specific fields such as Environmental Management or Health and Safety on Construction Sites. Therefore, the qualification broadens your scope in many sectors allowing you to specialize in a field that is fit for you. Therefore, it opens doors to many occupations.

Makes A Good Impression

On a personal level, it shows your potential employer the work, time, money and effort you’ve put in. NEBOSH is a huge organizational board established in 1979, and the examination requires you to put in your best effort. You will need to take preparation classes and keep practicing, with that it also requires a good amount of money. All these factors will contribute toward a lasting impression on your employer showing your passion and commitment. It is an additional qualification and so you will be able to advise them not only for workplace safety but also regarding legal requirements.


A NEBOSH qualification will not only just act as an additional bonus point but will actually help you in getting expertise in many areas relating to safety and health.

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