Why programmers love Nix programming language?

Nix programming language had one purpose to fulfill and it was to configure the Nix packages. It is a lazy lambda calculus or in other manifestation a minimal programming language and it can help you to easily evaluate expressions into values. To understand further about Nix as a programming language and why programmers absolutely love it you would have to understand the core functioning of the Nix package manager, the program for which this language is designed;

What is the Nix package manager?

A package manager in general is responsible for keeping track of what software is installed within your OS (operating system), in what directory it is installed in and furthermore helps in the installation of new pieces of the same or different software on the same OS.

The Nix package manager is the same but with a little twist, it is a cross-platform package manager which means that you can use it on multiple platforms without changing much. 

Why it is the ultimate choice of programmers? 

It utilizes a dedicated deployment model that dictates in which directory or part of the storage space the software will get stored. The whole process is extremely streamlined and unique directories are generated with the help of the cryptographic hashes. These cryptographic hashes or codes determine the route of installation, how much of it gets installed, and validating the release and integration of newer software components as soon as these become available.               

The Nix programming language is what gaps the bridge, it helps programmers in the effective management of the package manager from the comfort of a command center. You can customize each and every section of that package manager and more with the help of this amazing language. 

Using Nix as a build tool

Programmers are using Nix language as the basis to develop reproducible builds. The builds are reproducible due to the very fact that each package has all the repositories installed onto it and thus when you install a package you also get to install various elements that make that package complete. You can use these elements to further reproduce the package and thus continue to develop a build for you. In simple words, if you have built a Nix package on one computer then there is no problem in building it onto another machine. 

Access to multiple packages

Having access to different packages can help a programmer to completely revamp their game. It provides different packages that they can install or work with. Imagine having access to all the packages that can help you install every dedicated open-source Linux program that you want on your machine right now by writing a few lines of code, isn’t it incredible? Yes, it is and a major reason why programmers adore this programming language. It also has a GitHub repository in which all different packages and their open-source elements and codes reside and are maintained. 

All of these elements discussed above and the fact that you can install multiple versions of any package makes this programming language an absolute success with the programmers and the rest of the tech world.    

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