What to expect after CSM certification?

CSM stands for Certified Scrum Master and CSM certification is conducted by globally renowned Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs). The Scrum Master acts as a servant leader in the team. The role of a Scrum Master is very crucial to teams who adopt Scrum and want to gain maximum from its benefits. Scrum has a clearly defined set of roles and practices that is aimed at the best possible output from the team. The Scrum Master ensures that the correct set of methods are followed and works as a coach and guide for the team members. He/She ensures a collaborative workflow in delivering the Agile projects successfully. The Scrum Master is the one who responds to backlogs and obstacles during the product development cycle. Scrum Master acts as a major deciding factor in the success of a team, and hence the organization.   

Scrum Master certification offers you a lot of benefits that are important both for you and your organization. Companies prefer certified Scrum Masters for their projects since the role of Scrum Master is very crucial. We list down the benefits of CSM course that you will receive through this certification program:  

  • Career growth: The expected job growth rate of a Scrum Master is 24%. The demand for Scrum Master is growing as many companies are adopting the Agile framework. The rate of adoption by big companies is 58% which is indeed a good figure. Companies hiring certified Scrum Masters are Capgemini, Honeywell, Accenture, Bosch, IBM, Deloitte, Google, Dell, etc. The various job roles offered to certified professionals are Scrum Master, Program Manager, Project Manager, Delivery lead, Agile coach, Automation Engineer, and Agile Scrum Master. A CSM certification is an industry-accepted way to acquire the skills and knowledge to become a successful Scrum Master. 
  • Asset to your organization: A Scrum Master facilitates different events like Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review,  and Sprint retrospectives. The Scrum Master ensures that the agenda of the meeting is achieved and members have a clear understanding of the end goal. The Scrum Master ensures product delivery and quality assurance and keeping the deadlines in mind. He/She keeps a track of the backlogs and assigns tasks accordingly. Many critical tasks necessary for client satisfaction are taken care of by the Scrum Master. Hence we can say that the Scrum Master contributes to the continuous growth of the organization. This is the reason why organizations value the Scrum Master and make sure that the employees appointed as Scrum Master are skilled enough. To guarantee this, certified professionals are preferred.  
  • To get a strong knowledge of Scrum:  Pursuing CSM certification online also helps the professionals to understand the basics of Scrum and achieve the necessary Scrum success in their organization. The certificate ensures that the candidates are updated and develop a learning mindset. The essential Scrum artifacts like product backlog, Sprint backlogs, burndown charts, etc are covered. The candidates also learn essential soft skills such as communication, listening, problem-solving, etc to better handle a Scrum team. The CSM certification helps the candidates to judge risks in the project or potential hazards in the upcoming projects. A Scrum Master should have skills to detect, judge and prioritize the risks. 

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