Washi tape: a complete guide

Washi tape has taken the market by storm because there are so many washi tape patterns and beautiful colors that everyone can find a washi tape that suits their taste.

What’s so special about washi tape? Everyone can find their favorite design, and use it for different mediums and applications. From some traditional Japanese washi tape designs, to cute and colorful characters, botanical washi, vintage washi, floral designs, food and more!

Different types of washi tapes

There are various custom washi tape available in the market. You can be as creative as you want while using them. However, there are some washi tape patterns that can turn a simple-looking project into a stunning one.

Here are a few different types that you can use on your next paper craft and diy project.


When you search online or go to the store to buy washi tape, you will find a large number of lines. There are stripes with a white background, for example: pink and white, green and white, black and white, etc. Then, there are a few lines with a black base: black and blue, black and green, black and yellow, etc. .

All combinations share a look and vibe. For example, yellow and white give a strong and happy vibe. Using these tapes in your living room can spread a good ambiance in the room.

The lines are different from the plain tapes, but they give a different clear presence. You can use them for your living room, journals, and other different places.


Checkered washi tapes are very different in their own way. This is because you can give a different look to your old boring book with these tapes.

Buy washi tapes in your favorite checkerboard colors and use them as a border for your book or notebook. If you have a clear hard cover, then you can make lines of these tapes and give it a different look. There are small and large cut tapes; choose the one that goes with your overall design.


These technical tapes are more important than others. Many people find it difficult to choose one from the amazing combination of city tapes available online. Many people when looking for washi tape scrapbook designs choose cityscape tapes.

This is because these tapes blend well with your book and you are tempted to use a scrapbook. Looking at the cover will compel you to check out the book.

A cityscape is a good choice for both wanderers and people who like to travel. Cityscape tapes give a good look and feel. They are the perfect combination of color saturation, quality, and overall design. If you and your friends share the same love of travel, then you can give them a scrapbook made of different cityscape tapes.


Nature greatly influences the art of any artist. Flowers are one of the natural elements that have the greatest influence on works of art. Flowers are synonymous with peace, honesty, and caution. Washi tape flowers are used in thank you cards, greeting cards, condolence cards, and more.

You can also search for diys to learn how to use floral tapes in a unique way. But another simple and wonderful way to use floral custom washi tape is to enhance the look of a simple gift. You can use tape for borders or create a design in the middle.

Usually, you should send cards and gifts to people who are not very close to you. These tapes are very effective for them. You don’t appear organized or disorganized and can convey your style easily.

Special design

You can combine 2-3 sets and create a special design and hang this design on your closet, bedroom wall, hallway, or any other suitable place.

Cut a piece of black washi tape as your base and then glue the decorated Ombre washi tape to it. You can add stickers and other decorations to enhance its look.

  •         Materials and product design
  •         Raw materials
  •         Rubber
  •         Glue
  •         Rubber blocks
  •         Resin
  •         Japanese paper

Washi tape uses

There are many ways to use washi tape. How to use washi stickers to decorate your home, gifts, books, journals and more. You can use these tapes in any way you want. Some of the uses of washi tape are shown below.

  •         Bookmark
  •         Decorate your door
  •         Prepare a wall calendar
  •         Fill your files with liquids
  •         Mark your schedule
  •         Lock your keys in the set
  •         Frame to your photos
  •         Create a cover for your phone
  •         Design a scrapbook
  •         Bunting
  •         It helps you in nail art
  •         Create a wall mural or wall art
  •         Recreate your candle base
  •         Greeting cards
  •         Fix the laptop cover
  •         Give a new look to your pencils
  •         Make lamps
  •         Add tags to your items
  •         Make your own table mats and coasters
  •         Napkin rings

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