Tourism in Srinagar

Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir, is a stunning place with beautiful locals and businesses of great historical significance. Srinagar means “The City of Wealth”. This beautiful city is located in the beautiful Kashmir valley. The town’s location on the banks of River Jhelum gives visitors many options to visit different tourist locations that are both breathtaking and offer historical information.

Tourist Spots in Srinagar

These are some of the most popular tourist spots in Srinagar:

Dal Lake- This popular tourist spot is located in Srinagar that is included in all Srinagar Packages. It is divided into four sections, covers 26 km2, and has many houseboats. One of the main attractions is the lake’s Shikharas. You can have many recreational activities such as swimming, Shikhara rides and houseboat stays. Due to the extreme temperatures, the lake freezes in winter. The nearby Dal Lake is home to many great restaurants and shops that allow you to shop until you drop.

Nagin Lake- This lake is smaller than Dal Lake, but it offers many recreational activities such as sailing boats, skiing on the water, and eating in a houseboat. A small trench separates Nagin Lake and Dal Lake. It is somewhat isolated in comparison to Dal Lake. This lake is home to a variety of Houseboats and Shikharas. Because it is so close to Dal Lake, this lake is often called the “Jewel in the Ring”.

NishatBagh This Mughal Garden has various flower beds, lavish lawns, unique species of flowers, fountains, and other amazing art pieces that will lift your spirits and give you a sense of calm. This garden was created by Abdul Hasan Asaf Khan and is located along the banks of Dal Lake.


These are some of the most popular Srinagar religious sites, which you should visit:

Hazratbal Mosque This ancient religious place is of great historical importance. This beautiful mosque is made of white marble, and it is situated on the banks of the Dal Lake. This magnificent architecture is reminiscent of the combination of Mughal and Kashmiri architecture. The devotees have given this mosque many names, including the Madinat-us-Sani (Asar-e-Sharif), Dargah Sharif (Dargah Sharif), and others. The mosque is home to a hair-shaped relic from the great prophet of Islam named Muhammed, which its devotees highly revere.

Jama Masjid – This ancient mosque, which stands tall in recognition of the excellence of Islamic architecture, is another famous religious spot that has a strong influence over the cultural ethos and religious fervour of Srinagar. The mosque was built in 1674 and had around 370 columns. It also features large prayer halls, four towers, and a total of 4 buildings. This mosque is very popular with locals. It is hectic on Fridays.

Shankaracharya Temple – This magnificent monument was built by King Jaluka (the son of great emperor Ashoka) around 200 BC. It is situated at 1,100 feet above sea level in a mountainous area. The stunning view of the PirPanjal mountain range, which is covered in snow, can be enjoyed from this spot. It is a highlight of Srinagar’s tourism circuit.

Other tourist spots include the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, which houses rare animals and boasts a wide variety of flora, fauna, and the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, which is known for its tulip festival. The Sri Pratap Singh Museum displays great paintings, artefacts, and other items from the 3rd through 5th centuries that tourists often review.

The Best Time to Visit Srinagar

Srinagar’s best months to visit are February-May and September-November. These months offer the most pleasant weather for sightseeing and other leisure activities.

How do I Reach Srinagar?

Srinagar has excellent connectivity to India. You can reach Srinagar by road, rail, and air.

By Air: The Srinagar Airport, Sheikh ul Alam Airport, is 15 kilometres from the centre of the city. It is an international airport. Many flights fly from Delhi, Chandigarh, and Mumbai to Srinagar every day.

By Train: To reach Srinagar, one must first travel to Udhampur/Jammu Tawi railway station. From there one can take a taxi or bus to Srinagar. Many trains connect to these two stations in India from different regions.

By Road: Many buses and taxis can take you to Srinagar from various cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh or Jammu. Because of the excellent connectivity and motor-friendly roads. Distances between towns like Delhi, Jammu and Chandigarh, and Leh, respectively, are 876 kms, 258 kms, 646 kms, 424 Kms and 424 KMs.

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