Step By Step Guide To POTTY Train Your Puppy Easily

Are you following all of the proper dog potty training instructions but your day still involves this? Oh, there is filth everywhere! Then you’re probably providing your puppy incorrect toilet training.

As a result, today we’re going to show you exactly how to educate your puppy to go pee outdoors and prevent accidents indoors.

Potty training may be a stressful task if your puppy continues to wreck havoc on your beloved carpet, bed linens, or floor, or in any other area of your home. However, we need you to realise that toilet training is supported by three pillars.

  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • Positive Reward

Thus, it generally takes 4-5 months for a puppy to become completely house trained. However, some individuals learn quite quickly, within 1-2 months. And, perhaps most significantly, never lose hope in the face of failures. Simply continue training. As long as you maintain consistency and patience, he will rapidly learn.

Therefore, let me to introduce you to these five measures that are 100 percent successful at resolving the potty issue. However, before we get started, I’d want to notify all of our readers that the dog training instructions contained in this piece are provided by 360 Dog Walker. 360 Dog Walker is San Francisco’s most highly rated dog walking service. Therefore, if you reside in the region and want the services of a professional dog walker, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Step 1. Fix Their Feeding Schedule

Create a food regimen for your dog based on its age and health requirements. Maintain a consistent feeding schedule for your dog and remove their food bowl between meals. Because it would stimulate excessive eating, which will result in accidents on the toilet.

Step 2. Take Them Out

Take your puppy out for a bathroom break first thing in the morning and then every 30 minutes to an hour thereafter. Additionally, take them outside immediately following meals, play dates, or when they awaken from a sleep.

Step 3. Take Them To Same Spot

You may have observed that your puppy pooped or peed in the same location within the home as he did the previous day. That is due to the smell. Therefore, take your puppy out in the same location and use the verbal marker ‘potty’ or ‘poop’. Additionally, his fragrance will entice him to depart. The fragrance and vocal cues will assist in developing a pattern and related lasting memory in his brain that this is the location of his pee and faeces.

Step 4. Stay With Them

Take your dog outside and let it alone. Leave him alone to relieve himself until he is completely house trained. Additionally, while you are out, avoid excessive movement or interaction with your puppy, since he will believe it is play time. Maintain a still position and bore your pet. This will leave him with no other alternative than to poop.

Step 5. Reward Them Each Time He Poops Outside

As pups, they thrive on the affection and care that you show them. As such, this is a critical step in positively reinforcing them. When your puppy eliminates outdoors, gently praise him. As in, nice guy, well done, and so on! You can keep a little bag of his favourite goodies in your pocket that you can carry with you whenever you take him out.


This concludes the five-step method, which if followed consistently, with patience, and with plenty of positive reinforcement, will accomplish your aim of instilling a positive habit in your pup.

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