Preparing to Be a Mom

Any Mom Can Be an Awesome Mom

Let’s think critically here. There is no such thing as a perfect mom anywhere. Yet you probably think of your mom as the perfect mom, if you have a good relationship with her. Just because no human being isn’t perfect doesn’t mean there are no awesome human beings. If that’s true with humanity in general, it’s certainly true as regards motherhood.

You may not always get it right, but if you truly care for your baby, and you dedicate yourself to being an effective mother, that won’t matter. Your baby will remember you as the best mom, and have many fond memories they carry with them throughout their lives, as you do regarding your own mother.

That said, dedication requires effort, effort requires work, and to get the best results, you’ll want to prepare in advance as possible. Here we’ll briefly explore three preparations you should make as a new or expecting mom. Keep in mind, nothing can truly prepare you for the feelings and experiences of parenthood.

However, if you’ve got your mind aligned properly, the surprises of motherhood you encounter (and you will encounter them) won’t impact you in a way that reduces your ability to be a strong mom. So, with those points in mind, let’s look at a few best practices to consider.

1. Go Through Your Budget With a Fine-Toothed Comb

Quit buying Starbucks at $3 per coffee every day, including tip, and you just saved $1,095 a year. Stop eating out at $100 a week, and you just saved $5,200 a year. Quit spending $100 a week at the local tavern, and that’s another $5,200. Cancel $50 of media subscriptions to Netflix and the like, and you just saved another $600.

Just these changes can save you $12,095 a year, or $33.13+ a day. Over 18 years, that’s $217,710 in savings. That alone is almost enough to raise your child to adulthood; though inflation has increased associated costs here.

The point is, you’re spending money you don’t need to, and that needs to stop in a hurry if you’re going to have the resources necessary to be an effective mom.

2. Prepare to Breastfeed in Advance

Breastfeeding is best for your baby; it’s the healthiest move, but it’s not always easy. Plan to breastfeed, and prepare in advance.

Finding the right breastfeeding latch is easier said than done, but the link in this sentence goes to a consultancy specializing in breastfeeding, and they can give you key advice on what tends to work. Understanding the challenge before you give birth will help you rise to meet it.

3. Find and Lean on Parental Support Networks

Never go it alone. As a mom, you will have situations that beggar belief, but you’re not alone, and likely, other mothers have gone down the same road before. Find trusted parental support networks.

Good Moms Are Dedicated

Parental support networks, breastfeeding, and careful budgeting are dedicated moves that help you be a stronger mother. When you know what you’re facing, you’ll overcome more easily.

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