Journaling Techniques: The Right Way to Write for Combating Stress

Many people have taken to the internet to showcase their talent. During the coronavirus days, especially, people have not only discovered their hidden talent but have also found the right digital platform to expose that talent to the world. While some people found comfort and acceptance by showcasing their skills, some people have silently found their peace through the internet. Journaling is one such way that helps people in regaining their lost peace.

The coronavirus days have been a stressful time for most of us. Having to let go of your routine and confine yourself in your house was stressful as one can imagine. Along with that, having to hear about the constant increase in the rate of infected people around you causes fear anxiety. And because of this discomforting situation, it was hard to focus on anything let alone keeping yourself happy and contended. In such times, the internet came up with a quick solution for people who do not want to indulge in the public limelight, that quick solution was journaling.

To define journaling is as simple as the word; journaling means to sit and write. However, this definition can satisfy someone who just wants to know what journaling is rather than practicing it. If you have come to this point while reading this article then it means that you’re willing to let go of your inhibitions and stress through journaling. And for that it so very important for you to know what are the basic yet beautiful techniques of journaling that helps make you feel better about life and yourself.

But before that it’s important for you to know that with the acceptance of modern-day technologies, journaling has also found its modern version. These days you can maintain your digital journaling downloading some of the finest apps from stores online. But for that, you would need a high-speed internet service because without a high-speed internet service your journaling experience would be a disaster. So make sure you have the internet for Spectrum internet service. Spectrum service is known for its Spectrum Silver channels package – a great way to catch up to the world – and entertain yourself. Besides traditional cable TV and modern streaming, it is also known for providing high-speed internet service at affordable rates. It has now become very easy to confirm your order through spectrum customer service chat.

Well now that we know which internet service is best for digital journaling it’s time to start learning about the techniques:

Morning Pages

Taken from the book of Julia Cameron’s named “ The Artist’s Way”, published in 1992, the morning pages techniques in journaling is not a new concept, rather an old one. The book explores the cultivation of certainty through journaling. It is said that though this technique the creativity is bloomed most simply.

All you need to do is create your works in a stream-of-consciousness style. This means that whatever is going through your mind you should start pinning it down without stopping, every morning. Your writing should not be the best piece of literature ever written rather than the first “mind dump” in the morning.

Writing Prompts

Having to come across a blank page can be pretty intimidating for someone who writes journal as it is for someone who creates a novel. If you face the same situation that you become oblivious of what to write upon looking at a blank page then writing prompts is just the right solution for you.

The prompt lists are available mostly around the internet with different themes. The themes of this lists revolve around a specific seasons or a specific reasons but these lists will provide you guided questions to answer and can even provide you with an idea that you can explore every day.

The prompt writing method can trigger the inner writer in you. Writing prompt upon answer indulges you in writing more. Whatever the techniques might be, you should always journaling easy. This means that you should write in things you like and should never stop or put restrictions on yourself.

One of the favorite prompt lists come from the worker and founder of the travel company called Shut Up and GO, Jo Franco. Jo Franco has a YouTube Channel and you find your new journaling ideas from there.


Are you someone who feels haunted by the thought of journaling daily, well the list is the perfect journaling technique for you.

Some of the people fought to think of the list as the low-level journaling technique but in our opinion, journaling has no rules. Therefore, instead of quoting sentences, you can have lists.

The list can be of anything; things you like, things you don’t like, your habits, the habits you want to have, and much more.

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