How to write an effective research paper – 2021 guide

Research papers are usually given to you to write in colleges. Once you transfer from school to a college. You can expect a lot of research papers coming your way. The research papers you wrote in school are much easier than the ones you’ll write in colleges.

The ones you wrote in school were 8-10 pages, it was a sort of preparation for you to learn how to write one so you don’t have any problem writing the college-level research paper.

But in this article, you’ll know exactly how to write a college-level research paper so don’t worry if you’ve never even written a school-level research paper. This is like the normal story of every student. They usually don’t focus on school time as it’s the most chill and fun time you can have in life. They overlook the importance of school and take it for granted.

The school has a lot of benefits; you’ll learn many things you can use in college which can and will make your college life very easy. Anyways, it doesn’t matter if you have no experience in research paper writing. It’s very similar to essay writing, it’s just the length that is much longer compared to a 4-5 paragraph essay.

When it comes to research writing, there are two types, argumentative and analytical. An analytical research paper is when the topic you’re writing about will be written and explored in the form of a question.

Whereas an argumentative essay is in which you will be arguing regarding a specific topic with a thesis statement of your own. You will be giving your own opinion in this too if whether you’re in the favour of the topic or against it.

It’s most likely that you’ll be given the topic by your professor. But, if not and you have the freedom to choose and write about whatever you want. I’d suggest going for something you have the knowledge about and something you find interesting so you don’t get bored when researching about the topic.

You can ask around campus for help if you’re having difficulty in any part of your research paper. Ask the students who are good with writing as they are very paperhelp reliable.

Here are the tips on how you can write the best research paper possible;

Understand the assignment

To complete the research paper, you have to accomplish all the requirements given in the task sheet. So, make sure you thoroughly read the assignment carefully.

Make sure you clarify any confusion with your professor before you start writing it. Identify all the instructions and of course the due date so you’re not late in submitting your assignment.

Choose a topic and research

If you’re given a topic by your professor, you can choose your own then start the research on it. Gather some main ideas and examples to support the ideas you decide to go for.

A college-level research paper is about 28 pages, so make sure you reach the length limit and don’t repeat the same things over and over again to reach the page limit as your professor might find it irrelevant.

Draft it and start writing

Once you have all the information you need, you can begin with drafting your paper. You can start by plotting the ideas with their examples to support them. And make sure the research paper is exactly 28 pages.

After that, you may begin with an interesting introduction to catch the reader’s attraction. A good introduction makes the reader read the whole thing without getting bored.

Last but not least, when you’re done with the body of your research paper. You can give it closure by writing a conclusion. In this, you will be explaining how everything you’ve written in the paper proves your thesis statement.

You might also have to discuss the more general consequences of each argument you’ve written in your research paper.

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