How Mindful Shopping Is A Recipe For A More Rounded Life


Thinking about what you buy is not often associated with mindfulness. In fact, it applies to almost every aspect of life, including diet, exercise, and work. 

Mindful shopping is a budding technique for dealing with spending. This is becoming more of a problem in the digital era as card payments and contactless spending are harder to track. Applying a solid mindfulness approach to your online spending can reduce the stress that can occur after an impulsive purchase.

What problems can unplanned spending cause?

Impulsive purchases that put pressure on your home finances can cause several bigger problems than just a credit card bill to pay off. These can include:

  • Remorse or resentment of purchases.
  • Financial imbalance or unnecessary debt. 
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Pressure on relationships.

How does mindful shopping help?

Mindful shopping techniques can be applied online and in-store. They are a tool to take control of your buying. Doing so brings a greater sense of control and a heightened sense of wellbeing. 

You can apply mindful shopping to your own habits. This can be done surprisingly easily with a few small changes to how you shop. 

Applying mindful shopping in practice

One of the first adjustments to make is to get control of your senses. Shops are designed to stimulate positivity and a desire to secure a sale. Be aware of that; take a step back to consider whether you actually need or can afford the item or whether it is an impulse. 

This technique also applies when you are shopping online. eCommerce retailers use a variety of tricks to create impulse. Always spend a moment reviewing your shopping cart and asking yourself some tough questions before proceeding. 

The key question to ask yourself is whether you truly need those skate sneakers or whether you are subconsciously fallen for the ‘fear of missing out’ principle. The influence of social media can create the impression your life will have a hole if you do not buy a certain product. 

To combat this, ask yourself whether that purchase alone will make you satisfied. If the answer is no, then you can probably live without that item. 

In summary

Mindful shopping is not difficult to do. It simply involves thinking for a few moments about your purchase. If you are unsure, do not buy the item straight away. Walk away either from the store or your phone and ask yourself if you truly need that product.

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