Healthy Living With The Purity Of Nature- Introduction of Water ATM In Indian Society

It has been years since when the rural, urban, and especially slum area people are struggling for pure water. Even today in India, many are struggling daily to walk miles to get a few drops of water. Water is a necessity of our and everyone’s lives that cannot be ignored. Thus, special plans and strategies are being framed to help people to have safe water. The dirty and contaminated water in several Indian localities gave rise to water-borne diseases. In such a situation, millions of poor people were also left unattended without medical support and died. In the current era, the Indian government and private authorities have come forward to plant the Doctor Fresh Water ATMs in private and public places for clean water supply. In this article, we will know more about Water ATMs and changes it has introduced.

Water Vending Machine or “Water ATM”:

Water ATMs are also known as Water Vending machines. Water ATM is a water dispensing machine to provide safe and clean water to drink and use. It also provides accessibility for 24 hours. Next, the Water ATMs are solar-powered & cloud-connected which helps in tracking the quality of water even in remote areas. It also keeps track of the transactions based on pay-per-use.

How Investment In Water Vending Machines Is Beneficial

Water is a major source of every being’s living. Buying bottled or packaged drinking water is not only unsafe for the environment but also hazardous for your health. No matter how many water packages we dispose of in a day, week, month, or year, it is not 100% assured that all are recycled. It often leads to harm to our water bodies, and the earth. Here, water vending machines have come to the rescue of nature and humans as well. Let’s understand how investing in Water Vending Machine can be beneficial:

  • Environmental Protection: This is the truth that whatever amount of water bottle packages we use, all are not recycled. Next, the water packaging not recycled is dumped in the ocean, which is spoiling the water bodies and also contaminating the earth. Hence, the Water Vending or Water ATMs offer water refill facilities that will reduce the usage of plastic water packets and bottles and supports environmental health
  • Huge Return On Small Investment: Installing a Water ATM in public places and areas with medium traffic can bring huge profits. Even from the very first day, the water vending machine will bring high cash flow. At the same time, where a water ATM is a 24 hours service, it is again a good source of passive income you can have. The only thing you need to look after is the timely maintenance of the machine.
  • Supply Clean Water To The Community: Yes, you can take a positive step towards helping people with a pure water supply. You can take an initiative to supply clean and healthy water to your community and contribute to well-being. The places where water is badly contaminated with bacteria, viruses, chemicals, can lead to severe health issues like birth defects, cancer, etc. Therefore, in water vending machines the water goes through various purifying processes to bring safe water to the community.
  • Serve The Benefits Of Pure Water: There was a time when people were very highly addicted to soda drinks. Now the people are becoming aware of water’s benefits to health. The natural minerals present in water have several benefits for human health. The antioxidant properties and ph balancing properties of water help in keeping several health issues at bay. Therefore, installing and maintaining the Water ATMs is the best way to serve people with water benefits.

Benefits Of Installing Water ATMs

  • Water ATMs provide access to everyone for 365 days and 24/7
  • It assures cashless dispensing with the methodology of the pay-per-use strategy
  • The purchase of a water for water vending machine will be flexible and clear
  • Supply of healthy drinking water
  • No mess of water shortage or water collection.

Challenges Faced In Setting Up The Water Vending Machine or Water ATMs

Certainly, the Water ATM has been beneficial for suppliers and seekers in many ways. On the other hand, the setup or installation of Water ATMs has faced many challenges.

  • Formerly, the first challenge is the maintenance of the machine. Where there is a lack in communities to understand the way to operate the machine
  • Installing the water vending machines also demands favorable cleaning. A suitable drainage system is a must to allow the wastewater to flow out and not accumulate anywhere
  • Again, some parameters need to be taken into consideration like cleaning the water tank, maintaining the pump and motors, retaining the suitable and cooling temperature, changing the water filters, etc
  • Above all, the area that restricts easy visits has the automatic water ATMs installed. Here, the water tanks are getting operated automatically
  • Further, the Water ATMs have also been stolen. Moreover, complaints have also been logged about water vending machine parts robbery.

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