About CS: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an objective-based multiplayer video game that Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve have developed. It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series and a single shooter game. The game was developed over two years, and Valve continues to upgrade it. The game made its appearance on Windows, PlayStation3, macOS, and Xbox 360 in 2012. However, it was released on Linux in 2014. The game is played in two teams: the Terrorists and the other is the Counter-Terrorists. The game has a total of eight official modes. These are Casual, Competitive, Death Match, Danger Zone, Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman, Wingman and Demolition. The objectives are a part of the operations undertaken by the players. These objectives include capturing and freeing hostages, deciding a place to plant and defusing bombs, etc.

CS: GO Ranks

The ranking system in the game was introduced to counter certain specific problems. Players had difficulty finding other players of the same level. With the introduction of the system, not only did this issue get resolved, the game became even more exciting. The players do not have any ranks initially. To become a part of the ranking system, the players need to play competitive matches in different modes. This gives them a second level of experience. Besides, the players must also complete a total of 10 ranking matches. Eighteen ranks begin from CSGO Silver I (S1) and Global Elite CS GO (GE). These ranks are divided into four groups: Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian and Elite.

CS: GO High Tier Accounts

The players can purchase high tier premium accounts for playing the game. The Counter-Strike high tier accounts for the Global Offensive are available at very affordable prices. These accounts can be purchased from various online platforms. These platforms regulate the account services to enhance the gaming experience. The in-house teams of the platform keep the account in premium quality. The accounts are instantly delivered to the players after they complete the purchase. These accounts are usually of the Master Guardian and Elite groups, ranks of which are difficult to achieve. The platforms also keep the accounts safe from hacking and cheaters.

CS: GO 5-10 Year Veteran Coins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive awards coins to the players based on certain criteria. There are five-year coins, ten-year coins and operation coins. These coins are awarded when players complete certain objectives in operations and achieve milestones. The five and 10-year coins are awarded if the player accounts for a minimum of 5 and 10 years, respectively. The players should have played at least one game and completed it successfully. The accounts should have good standing as well. These coins are displayed one at a time and can be accessed from the inventory on the account. If the players do not receive their coins even after fulfilling the required criteria, they can file a ticket about the issue on Steam Support.


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