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A blue world city Rawalpindi is a modern housing society with many amenities to offer to its investors. Moreover, this is an RDA-approved housing society, which is here to gain the trust and confidence of its investors. And, the most appealing factor is the location and payment plan of this housing society. Furthermore, there are various blocks available here with many plots. Lastly, to know more about the general phase, continue reading.

Blue World City Rawalpindi

The blue world city is the RDA-approved housing society, available on the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, the developers of this housing society are the Blue Group of companies. The most attractive feature is this housing society’s location and master plan. The developers aim to provide all facilities to its investors, from comfort to luxury. Lastly, investing here will be a valuable asset.

Blue World City Master plan

The Blue world city master plan is unique and futuristic because of its location and facilities to offer to its investors and residents, just like the kingdom valley Islamabad Location. Moreover, the master plan has everything from comfort to luxury. The master plan includes a variety of blocks and residential and commercial plots. Some of the blocks are Executive Block, Overseas Block, Awami Block, and General Block. The details of the general phase are as follows:

Blue world City General Block

The general block is the most integral part of Blue World City Rawalpindi. Moreover, most of the area is for residential plots. The plots available here are super affordable with an installment plan. Furthermore, the developer’s core idea behind making this block is to provide investors and future residents with all the amenities at affordable prices. To know more about this block, continue reading.

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Affordable Payment Plan

The payment plan of the block is here with an affordable range. Moreover, the developers’ main aim is to provide homes to the investors at affordable prices. And, one of the best facilities is the provision of an installment plan. The Blue World City Payment Plan 2021 range starts from PKR 1,090,000/- to PKR 5,990,000/- However, for the latest updates, visit the official website of the estate land marketing.

Ideal Location

The first and foremost vital aspect is the prime location of this housing society. Moreover, this real estate project is close to surrounding critical sites like the Islamabad International Airport, Chakri Interchange, and Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, investment heer will be suitable for all the citizens of Pakistan, especially for the residents of twin cities.

Availability of all Basics

Another vital feature is the 24/7 availability of electricity, gas, and water. Moreover, all these facilities will be available for investors and residents at an affordable price. These amenities are what investors look for before investing.

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Education and Healthcare Facilities

And, To facilitate the residents, there will be a provision of high-quality education for all the residents. Moreover, to help in a medical emergency, a healthcare unit will also work 24/7.

Grand Mosque

Religious obligations are also necessary to fulfill. Therefore, the developer is building a grand mosque to cater to all residents who can complete their religious duties. Lastly, this mosque will be available for the residents of the general block 24/7.

Business Opportunities

The commercial area is here to facilitate the investors and residents’ start their businesses. Moreover, there are various plots available at affordable prices. Therefore, buying a property here will be a valuable asset. Lastly, to know more about buying and selling properties, visit the site of the blue world city Rawalpindi.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The most crucial factor that all investors find appealing is the high-quality infrastructure of this housing society as the developers ensure a high-end lifestyle for its residents and investors. Moreover, the development procedure is going on according to an eco-friendly manner to avoid any ecological disturbance.

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A blue world city is the modern and unique housing society available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it a feasible option for the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, the location and payment plan are approachable for all the investors. This housing society’s critical sites are Islamabad International Airport, M2-Motorway, and kingdom valley Islamabad. Furthermore, there are various blocks available in the blue world city, and the most popular is the general block. This phase offers all facilities to its investors at affordable prices. Lastly, to know more, visit the official website of estate land marketing.

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