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From the first time that the global community started to be able to transfer money to different countries, the point of fees was always linked to this service. However, thanks to improvements in technology and access of people to the electronic world, currently we are facing so many online platforms that are providing users with the money transfer services all around the world. Nevertheless, still the topic of fees is important for all users around the world. In this short article, we will write about one of the successful ideas in this sphere with the lowest fees for its customers. We will know about Azimo’s services and how this platform can help businesses too.

Azimo & Its Features

As mentioned above, Azimo is an online platform with the possibility and ability to transfer money worldwide and provide users the lowest fees that is possible. According to the available table in the official website of Azimo, this platform is up to 90% cheaper than companies such as Western Union, Ria and MoneyGram. It means that with this platform customers will be able to save up to 90% when they want to send money abroad. The main question that is rising is how Azimo can provide users with such a low cost? The answer is simple; Azimo is focusing and investing on three main topics: a lower fee, better exchange rate and a world class payment network. Should be noted that the first two transfers by Azimo will cost zero for users and customers can have access to the latest technologies for money transferring around the world by Azimo. Worthy to mention that the transfers to more than 80 countries are completed instantly or in one hour and more than 1 million users currently are following and using this platform for transferring money.

Azimo for business

Beside all services and features that are noted, Azimo is also providing special services for businesses and industries. With Azimo business account, companies can pay international invoices easier and faster to more than 180 countries and with more than 60 different currencies. Additionally, Azimo industries will be able to pay their partners, employees and contractors just in a few clicks and totally in online format. Also users can save on specific exchange rates and fees for all overseas business expenses. Should be noted that with the special mobile app of Azimo, companies can easily repeat their transfers, send money anywhere and also track their money. In case of security, Azimo secured its platform by providing users with different safety options such as 3D secure, Encryption, Data protection and Fraud detection.


Definitely, in difficult times like now, Azimo and its features can be a huge solution for all users around the world and solve so many financial issues of online customers around the world. We believe that Azimo is not just counted as a solution for today’s solution, but it also can be an answer for future questions of the global community.

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