Achieving Time Affluence: Why Smart Homes Are Happy Homes

Better homes over big cities seem to be the choice of many Australians. Analysts see a rise in housing demand in areas which are a few hours drive from the big cities, such as the Gold Coast. Businesses are shifting to fully remote or hybrid working set-ups with employees only needing to come to work a few days a week. People realize the benefits of this, such as having more time to spend with their families at home. 

A Home That Takes Care of You

But what do we mean by better homes, exactly? Essentially, they are homes that give us convenience and time affluence. Home designers and builders say that smart homes do just that. It is a residence with network-connected equipment that allows owners to automate household tasks, from automated irrigation for maintaining your lovely garden, to unique surveillance systems that a reliable Gold Coast security company can install. 

These systems connect with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and enable control from a phone, computer, or a similar device. It reduces the time we allot to household management and gives us additional security and energy efficiency features. Here are four of the most basic features in smart homes.

  • Smart Lighting

The first thing that homeowners automate is lighting. The new generation of bulbs in the market integrates into a system communicating over Wi-Fi, enabling remote control using your smartphone. Some sensor types or systems detect the human presence or absence, thus adjusting power usage accordingly. This feature reduces electricity use and saves time going around the house to turn on and off certain lights.

  • Fire Safety

A smart smoke detector has the alarm of a conventional detector, but it can automatically send alert to authorized and emergency contacts. It helps mitigate risk before it turns into unmanageable situations. 

  • Home Security

First of all, a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system brings peace of mind. It will allow you to monitor your property when you’re away. It is a crime deterrent and helps identify offenders during criminal investigations. Consult a reliable Gold Coast security company to install security systems for your property. There are doorbell cameras that detect visitors and enable you to speak with them through your phone screen. Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras help you watch over your household, especially kids and pets, while still doing your work.

  • Water Efficiency

Many have started tending home gardens or using their lawns as private outdoor space for exercise. Hence their upkeep will take up a significant amount of time. With automated hosed sprinkler controllers or drip irrigation, you can rest assured that your landscape gets just the right amount of moisture while conserving water and your time at once. 

How Smart Homes Make Us Happy

More time and less money is the formula for happiness. Tal Ben-Shahar defined time affluence in his book titled Happier as the feeling of having “sufficient time to pursue activities” which are “personally meaningful, to reflect, to engage in leisure.”  

Optimizing quality time produces long term results in improving one’s well-being. This ultimately benefits you by helping you with having deeper relationships and positive mental stimulation.

Home innovation is but a helping hand in achieving one’s more passionate goals. It is up to you whether to adapt and use these features wisely. Hopefully having these systems in place will bring you a sense of security and freedom, helping you to spend your time without worries, and to have a happy disposition.

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