Accident in Tucson: The cost of hiring an injury lawyer

If you ever end up in an unfortunate car accident in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona, you must know the state laws. As a driver involved in a car crash, you have certain responsibilities, but you also have your rights. Hiring a Tucson auto accident attorney is the first step towards getting fair compensation. People often shy away from calling an attorney because they are worried about the costs. Following a car accident, you may have several financial worries to deal with – huge medical bills, lost income, lost capability to earn in the future (depending on your injuries). How much does it really cost to hire an injury lawyer in Arizona? We have a guide below for your help.

Personal injury lawyers are different

You typically pay an hourly rate when you hire a divorce attorney or get a lawyer to plan your estate. In some cases, lawyers may work on a retainer fee. However, personal injury lawyers work differently. They usually charge a contingency fee. For the unversed, if the lawyer is working on contingency, they only get paid if and when they win. If the injury lawyer cannot win a financial settlement from the at-fault party’s insurance company or loses a civil lawsuit in court, they cannot ask for a fee. This is true for most injury cases and claims, including car accidents. 

What about other costs?

There are several other costs of initiating a lawsuit if you decide to file one. The list includes court expenses and investigation costs. For instance, if your lawyer needs to investigate the case further, they may work with accident reconstruction services to know what caused the crash. These things come for a cost. Ask your injury lawyer if they will pay these expenses for you, at least for now. Once you get a settlement from the insurance company, they can get paid for these costs along with their fee. 

Final word

Hiring a personal injury lawyer for your car accident crash doesn’t have to be expensive. However, it is wise and necessary to seek legal representation without delay. If you don’t act in time, you may lose valuable evidence, which can mess your case and scope to earn a good settlement. A good injury lawyer will also offer a free initial consultation, where they will explain the worth and merit of your claim in-depth.  Also, make sure that your attorney has experience of representing car crash victims at trial. 

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