8 Best Alternatives to Tent Camping- New Camping Ideas

Tent camping is probably the oldest and most popular way of camping around the globe. The fascination with camping has increased substantially in the last few years with more and more people realizing what a healthy and fun activity it is. However, the world of camping has evolved into a variety of adventures now and you do not have to limit yourself to tent camping.

Countless new camping methods have been devised and many which were considered outdated have found their way back to the mainstream. Also called “Glamping” by some, the alternative camping methods have transformed into proper businesses. Let us look at 8 best alternatives to tent camping that offer exceptional experience or something different for a change.

1. Yurt Glamping

Yurts are dome-like tents that have been used by the nomadic Mongol and Turkish tribes for thousands of years. People of Mongolia, Turkey and the Karakorum still use them in a few regions. The great Genghis khan had his royal court inside a huge royal yurt. Traditionally made from a combination of animal hide and fabric, they were used by the nomadic people because they could be disassembled easily, turned into a wagon and re-assembled wherever they went. 

Now you too can enjoy living in a yurt, with the difference that the modern yurts provide everything you can think of. There are numerous yurt camping sites which you can reserve for yourself and your family. They are still made in the shape of a dome and range from simple plywood frame construction to luxurious yurts furnished with beds, furniture, hot and cold water and even wi-fi. They have different sizes ranging from 12-30 feet in diameter and some even have two floors. 

There are countless yurt camping or glamping sites in the US and you can easily find one in your state. Yurt camping is done year round as the modern yurts have been constructed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions including rain and strong winds. They are also insulated and will keep you warm during the winters.  

 2. Camping in a Cabin

Log house cabins have been around for hundreds of years but commercial use of cabins has taken cabin camping to a whole new level. You can rent a simple cabin having the minimum facilities or you can rent a luxurious one if it is glamping that you are after. They offer you more protection from weather conditions than your normal tent; they are also relatively safer when it comes to rain and wild animals. 

A log house cabin would be cooler than your tent and you may want to pack extra layers to keep yourself warm. They have more room which means more than one person can stay in a cabin conveniently. It can even accommodate a group of friends so you can enjoy sitting down and playing games. Log house cabins are more suitable if your trip is a long one. Some deluxe cabins offer bathrooms, kitchens, electricity, wi-fi and almost anything you can think of.

3. RV Campers

RV stands for “Recreational Vehicle”. Most of us are aware of what they are since they have been around for decades. RVs are a combination of shelter, transportation and comfort. The concept of RVs has been revamped in the last few years owing to technological advancement. The original concept was to build one but now you can purchase ready-made RV campers. You can even rent them if you do not want to or cannot afford to purchase one. 

Imagine the freedom to travel and camp wherever and whenever you want while carrying your home with you. They have a running kitchen, toilet, bed, TV and anything you can fit in. They also offer considerable protection from weather. RVs have a much larger space than other kinds of camps. You can take a group of friends or your entire family on a trip and enjoy listening to music, playing games and watching TV. It also happens to be probably the most affordable way of camping.

 4. Safari Tent Glamping

This is for those who prefer camping with all the luxury possible and do not want to miss the comfort of their home. They are very well-equipped tents which offer you a proper bed and mattress, comfortable furniture, electricity, sanitation, etc. These tents are available at a number of locations and in a variety of sizes. You can even customize and purchase your own tent if you own a site or you can pay for the services of a commercial business. This is perfect for families with children or those who are inexperienced when it comes to traditional camping.  There are countless such companies which offer different packages for you, your friends and family.

 5. Airstreams

If you want to own an airstream you have to pay a hefty price; but then there is no such thing as too expensive when it comes to your personal preference for adventure and comfort. Identifiable by their glimmering metal exterior and a distinct shape that goes back to the 1930s, airstreams are well-known for high quality material and exquisite construction. Both the interior and exterior of airstream trailers are customized and handcrafted for ensuring passenger safety and comfort. Constant innovation in airstream trailers have made them the preferred choice of mobile luxury when it comes to camping.

You do not have to purchase one for enjoying a camping trip but it can be hard finding airstream trailers from a traditional rental company. The peer-to-peer market is the place if you are looking to rent one. To tow the airstream, you need a vehicle (which you can also rent). 

6. Treehouse Camping

Treehouse camping may just be the fastest alternative camping business in the US. If you still dream of spending some time in a treehouse like you did as a kid or if you missed out on that opportunity, you still have the chance to have some fun in a treehouse. You will be surprised to learn how many businesses are offering rental treehouses. These range from small treehouses to really big ones which can house your entire family. Some even have more than one floor and look exactly like something out of a fairy-tale. Some are built around tree trunks while some are suspended, also called tree tents. You can enjoy all sorts of facilities; this all depends on how much comfort or luxury you want and how much you are willing to spend for it. 

Some people would prefer to have an experience as close as they did in their childhood while others do not want to compromise on comfort. You can use Google and find countless treehouse camping sites in your vicinity.

7. Cave Camping

Exploring caves is a lot of thrill and fun. Combine camping with it and you are bound to have an experience of a lifetime.  Also known in the US as spelunking, exploring caves can be mysterious and fascinating. Spending a night or two in them can be way better than renting an expensive hotel room. They are usually cool and serene but it is a lot more challenging to sleep over in a cave than sleeping in a jungle with wild life around you. Some caves are considered out of bounds for being unhealthy and dangerous while others can be home to thousands of bats. There could also be extreme risk of dangerous wild animals. Make no mistake about this one, it is not for the inexperienced and faint hearted. So if you are planning to camp inside a cave make sure that you are with an experienced team. You should never camp in a cave alone and you should always have survival gadgets and tools with you including head lamps, flashlights, camp lanterns,  water, food, sleeping essentials and first aid kit. You can also hire an expert or look for a local business that arranges such trips.

8. Cliff Camping

Cliff camping is not really camping on a cliff. In fact, it is sleeping or resting on a portaledge which is a tent hanging from a cliff. If you want an adrenaline rush like no other then spending a night like this (in which you won’t sleep most probably) is going to be one hell of an experience. Traditionally used by cliff and mountain climbers as a means to rest or nap while climbing, the portaledge tent’s designs are more sophisticated and much safer than before. It may sound extremely unsafe but your harness is attached to you at all times even while sleeping. 

Cliff camping may sound like a boring idea but you get to witness the most beautiful and scenic wonders of nature. The experience is enhanced when night falls and you witness the sky shining with stars. Dawn and dusk give an altogether different experience. However, if you are a first timer you should always be accompanied with an experienced person. Many businesses offer this experience and provide you with all the accessories and training along with experienced staff. Some even provide three meals a day along with other services.

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